Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Five Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  I'm sure at least half my readers just went, "What? It is?..." and they checked their calendars.

I told you so.

Mother's Day creeps up on me every year.  It is sandwiched in between a very busy Spring and Summer birthday season in our family.  While I'm wracking my mommybrains thinking of birthday parties, cakes and presents I have one of those Oh my gosh! Mother's Day! moments.  Luckily my mother is never looking for anything extravagant, she is not big on "Hallmark Holidays."

Regardless, she is a phenomenal mother, and we celebrate her no matter how many times she begs us to leave her alone.

Sorry Mom.

A few of my favorite Mother's Day gift ideas:

1.  Instead of bringing a plant, plant her a garden.  My mother did this for her mother every year.  This idea is especially wonderful for elderly mothers who would have a tough time planting a garden for Spring.  My mother planted dozens of flowers for her mother every Mother's Day.  She came with everything that was needed, and a box of delicious pastries to enjoy afterward.

My grandmother cherished that garden.  She was very proud and told everyone about it whenever they inquired about her beautiful flowers.

2.  Consider buying a birth stone necklace.  Add stones for every child.

3.  Every mother loves a gift card for something they actually use.  The trick is to make is a card just for them.  Get a gift card to their favorite restaurant, nail salon, hair salon or store.  Add lottery tickets, expensive candies or chocolates.

4.  Does your mother drink tea?  Coffee?  Consider buying gourmet sets that she would never splurge on herself.  Is she a wine drinker?  Buy her a snazzy wine glass (ever seen Lolita glasses?  if not see below) and match it with a nice bottle of wine.

5.  Take her out to eat.  Or to the movies.  Mother's Day is best spent with our mothers, and spending your money on an experience will give her a memory she can keep forever. 

Need more ideas?  Try a photo collage, a new book, paint pottery at a local shop or buy a kit from a craft store.

Links to some great Mother's Day ideas:


  1. Hint, hint to the husband that you really want that pretty necklace?! ;)

    1. Lol! I always think of my mom when I think of Mother's Day - and other moms in general. I think I'd go with lottery tickets and good chocolate! :)


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