Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Hairbrush Debacle (and my Etsy Goodnyou? Giveaway Winner!)

This morning at 8:28am my Gymnastics Queen had a total and complete breakdown because apparently we have no hairbrushes.  Up until this disaster we had a lovely morning consisting of Eggo's, good conversation and outfit assembly.  My harmonious morning was interrupted by her yelling from the bottom of the stairs, with tear filled eyes, "MOM! I can't find a hairbrush!"

Since we have about 100 hairbrushes (and I was busy packing lunches) I did nothing but scream "We have 100 hairbrushes!  How on Earth you can't find one is beyond me!"

I was loud. 

My patience level for such disasters is just about nonexistent.  Is it just me or do girls have a real hard time keeping things in perspective?  I mean, you're crying, and aren't we talking about a hairbrush?

The bus rolled up as she found a hairbrush.

As a result of this hairbrush situation her lunch was not yet packed.  The boys happily trotted to the bus (and away from the hairbrush drama) and I told her I'd drop her lunch at school.

Tears. Another disaster.  "Ugh! Why do you wait SO LONG to pack my lunch?"

"Why couldn't you find a hairbrush?!"


I then told her I loved her and pushed her out the door to catch her bus.  Her lunch is finished; ready to be dropped at school. 

And I need a friggin' Starbucks to put out these flames.

The end.

Etsy Winner!  For any lovely ladies who entered my giveaway, here is the winner!
Drum roll....
Katelyn!  You have a $20 credit to Sam's Goodnyou? Etsy Shop!  Starting with 1st comment I numbered everyone's entries, and we had 13 total. The first 5 were Deanna, next 2 were the Mommy, next 5 were Katelyn, next was American Honey, and last was Danielle.  


Email me at for your instructions...and Happy shopping! 

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  1. Yay Katelyn!!

    In reference to your whole 'hairbrush incident of 2012' … when I was little, I may or may not, have waited until the last minute to find a hairbrush and then threw a tantrum to my babysitter, completely blaming her for my inability to find a device to brush my own hair… she threw a fork at me and told me, I was in such dyer need to brush my hair, the fork would do the trick… It stopped me in my tracks… and I can't wait to use it on my own daughter!!


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