Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Weekend Thus Far

It was a long day.  Last night I worked until midnight, serving up sauteed chicken and sizzlin' steaks to 31 people at a rehearsal dinner.  They were lovely.  Is there nothing better than regular people, with no desire to impress, just out to have a good time?  People who treat other people (including their servers) well and don't make a fuss?

I loved this rehearsal dinner.  Every time we asked how they wanted something done, such as cutting and serving the cake, their answer was, "Whatever is easiest for you..."

To say the least, they were a fabulous crew.  I was actually invited to the wedding by night's end, but I had to regretfully decline since my alarm was set for 4:30am this morning.

We had a big State Championship meet for the Gymnastics Queen out on Long Island.  She vaulted her little heart out, and came away with a silver medal.  Not too shabby for States.

Did I mention she missed gold by 0.025 points?  Every little toe counts in gymnastics. 

My mother, a saint in every sense of the word, arrived at 5am to watch our other three offspring.  She constantly amazes me, and decided to wash every last piece of laundry today.  Everything.  She even matched all my socks. 

Is there any greater gift than that of sock matching for someone else? 

It doesn't stop there.  My basement, which has been comfortably in limbo between big kid hangout, little kid heaven and laundry pigsty was organized.  It was more than organized.  It looked like extreme home makeover stopped in for a quick face lift.  She moved furniture, discarded furniture, cleaned and did I mention did all the laundry?

I was overjoyed.  To say the least.  Do you know how many days I washed clothes, looking around at that space in disgust?  Telling myself I really needed to clean it one day?

Done.  And all I had to do was make my mom babysit for 8 hours.

After my mentally draining yet thrilling, two days I wasn't up for much this afternoon.  I settled in for a nap and pretty much forced Hubby to entertain the kids so I could snooze in peace.

I have spent the rest of Cinco de Mayo in my pink flannel pants eating trans fats. 

What a sweet ending to a fabulously exhausting day.  Happy weekend!

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