Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The New Patio

A few weeks ago I expressed my desire for a new patio.  After the demise of my outdoor table, I was in need of a new outdoor situation.  A place I could be happy.  With a fire pit and Adirondack chairs.  A place to make smores and play music and live happily all summer long.

One morning, after my early run, I remembered that Hubby told me to check the backyard the day before.  I never did.  I quickly peeked in the backyard and I saw the beginnings of my new patio.

What a love.

Considering we have never made a patio, this could be an interesting project.  We've asked around, and have a general idea of how to proceed.  And the rest we'll stumble through, like everything else in life.

As long as I can drop my fire pit in the middle I'll be happy.


  1. Can you make it astro-turf? Because after my ER experience this week I don't want any concrete within 300ft of my house. Unless I can start wrapping my kids in bubble wrap!

    1. OH no!!!!! I'll be heading over to your blog in a bit...that is my fear with the patio!!!!


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