Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Summer Camp Debacle

For the past several weeks I've been trying to figure out our summer.  I haven't gotten very far.  Every time I pull out the calendar to make sense of camps, work, vacation and how to get everyone where they need to go my brain just about shuts down from information overdrive.

I can't make sense of it all.

My older daughter will basically be spending her summer at gymnastics camps.  And practices.  These camps and practices overlap with Vacation Bible School (love VBS!), sports camps for the boys, vacations and just about everything else. 

It took me an hour to find five days we could sneak off for a beach vacation. 

It took me another week to figure out who could go to what camp at what time.  And to make sure friends would be attending the same weeks as my munchkins.  I have yet to figure out how everyone is getting where they need to go.

The mom mobile will be putting in overtime this summer.

The upside is that out of our approximately 10 weeks of summer vacation, only four of them are booked with camps.  And I'll be happy for the "mom time" once all the munchkins are where they need to be.

The remaining weeks I'll be on my deck, with a cold drink and my kids running in the yard.

And for that, I can't wait. 

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  1. Wow! I guess living up in the boonies really pays off in the summer when there is only one week we have committed to any kind of camp… it's 45 minutes away… but it's one week… Good luck!


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