Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why I Love GrUVyWear

*I was blessed to receive a complimentary and ultra awesome outfit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own. Discount code to purchase in post.*

Last week, while in Pennsylvania, my daughter's GrUVyWear swimsuit arrived.  I had never heard of GrUVyWear before I was given the opportunity to sample one of their outfits.  I had no idea what to expect as far as quality, style and fit.

To spare you the suspense, I LOVED this suit. Loved is probably an understatement.  This suit is similar to all the snazzy, non-Target clothes my kids receive as gifts.  The stuff I don't buy because I'm frugal, but it's ultra cute and comfy and awesome.

Not that there is anything wrong with Target clothes, because I love them too. 

GrUVyWear fits well, it hugs the little baby legs without squeezing too tight.  The suit doesn't fall down when it gets wet, and it offers phenomenal sun protection.  I was not fretting about sunscreen applications and too much sun on the shoulders.

I was also thrilled that this suit looks like an outfit.  I dressed my daughter in her new grUVyWear and we went to Target (told you I loved that store) before we hit the pool.  I didn't need cover ups or a dress or anything.

Just her grUVyWear.  And my daughter looked adorable.
She looked like a little surfer chic, with ultra sun protection that her mommy was thrilled about.  These suits are 50+ SPF, and can be worn all day, in and out of the pool or at the beach.  They dry fast, and are comfortable to wear.

My daughter is wearing the candy camo infant set, which retails for $38.95.
If you are interested in GrUVyWear, I am including a great discount code for your order.  You can save 15% on your order for your kids.  Trust me, it will be money very well spent if you spend time in sun, swimming at a pool or beach.

These would also make great gifts.  I love items that are different and useful. And they are perfect for camp.

I will mention that these suits run big.  My daughter wears a 2/3 (size 2 bottoms, size 3 tops) and she is wearing a 18-24 month suit in these pictures.  

I never, ever recommend a product I am not 100% in love with, because I know money is not for wasting. 

I totally recommend grUVyWear.

GrUVyWear Discount code: SAVE1530

Happy Shopping!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Sweet Overpriced Home

We are back in New York State after a wonderful week in Pennsylvania.  My daughter loved camp, but she did battle a pretty nasty case of homesick-ness.

I knew this was a possibility, she is only just nine.  It's no piece of cake to be without mommy hugs and rules, siblings to bug you, and daddy kisses before bed.

All in all, she did phenomenal.  I did have to move the troops (aka myself and my three other munchkins) to campus the last two days.  Her phone call Tuesday night was filled with tears.  And I knew after she said her stomach hurt all day she was homesick enough to feel sick.

I went into mommy mode and moved the troops in.  We drove the hour from our friend's house (we stayed with them to be closer to Penn State in case we were needed) to State College.  We smiled from the window of the training gym, hugged her between sessions and walked around campus in between. 

The boys and Moopa were awesome.  Our mini trip was a blast.  We stayed at the Ramada, and the boys could have been at a five star hotel for how excited they were about the pools.  And the free breakfast.  And the plush beds with flat screen television. 

Since no dad was present, it was pretty much a free for all.  We drank Frappuccinos, ate at the Waffle Shop for lunch and walked to the Creamery after dinner. 

I even let them watch Nick at Nite until 10pm.  They were counting their lucky stars.  And Moopa trucked right along with everyone like a champ.
Now that we are all home in New York, I would like to point out how ripped off we all are in the Empire State.

Pennsylvania property taxes are half (sometimes less!) what we pay in New York.

They have no sales tax on clothes.

I swear their clearance racks are cheaper than ours.  Our maybe it rolls back to the no sales tax thing.

Gas is cheaper.  I filled up for $3.19/gallon!  Goin rate downtown for us?  $3.59.

Oh, and gymnastics training is waaaaaay less in Pennsylvania.  I spoke to many parents in that waiting area at the camp.

The moral of my post?

I love Pennsylvania.  I love State College.  And I love my munchkins.  They all were pretty cool campers this week.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Penn State Gymnastics Camp: A Follow Up

Yesterday, I posted that my daughter was having some difficulty adjusting to life away from home.  It's so comforting to know she prefers living under my watchful, overbearing eyes to the freedom of gymnastics camp.

I was certain she would enjoy eating whatever she pleased and pushing the envelope on bedtime.  Instead she was homesick for all my rules and regulations.

Love my girl.

Yesterday morning, when we checked on her before leaving for the rest of the week, she was unhappy.  Uncertain.  Afraid.  She had spent one night there and all she wanted was to come back home.

But I knew leaving her teary eyed in that hallway outside the gymnastics gym was exactly what she needed.  I stepped away and gave her room to grow.  And have fun.  And meet new people.

And then I sat by my phone all afternoon and waited for the camp to call and ask me to retrieve my homesick, hysterical daughter.

They never did.

When I spoke with her last night, her mood had lifted.  She had met a friend named Ashley.  She sounded like herself again, and was finding her groove.

With her tears hopefully behind her, maybe she'll even learn some new gymnastics skills this week.

I'm happy to report I slept much better last night.  Much, much better.  My heart was happy, because my daughter was happy.

And for my munchkins, happiness is everything.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Penn State Gymnastics Camp

Over the weekend, we brought our oldest daughter to her first sleep away camp.  Since we have friends an hour from Penn State, and we love them dearly, we thought Penn State Gymnastics Camp would be perfect for her.  I could stay with our friends in case our Gymnastics Queen needed anything, and she could try sleep away camp. 

Being that she is only just nine, I was worried.  I had nightmares about her remembering her shoes in the shower and eating something other than soft serve for lunch.

The weeks leading up to camp, I was definitely more worried than she was.

Growing up, I went to plenty of sports camps, I probably averaged three a summer when I was in high school.  I was big into field hockey, and there were summers I did three camps in a row.  I would go to Cornell.  Then right to Princeton.  I'd be home a few days and head to Old Dominion.

It was a blast.

There are two big differences between my camp experiences and my daughter's.  The first being I was in high school.  The second being I always went with friends.

She is not in high school.  She also decided to go on her own. 

Thank heavens another girl from her gymnastics team decided to go as well.  The upside is this girl is twelve, and my worries about my daughter waking up on time were relieved.

The downside is that her teammate is not in her group, and not the same level.  Aside from rooming together, my girl is alone.  And without her gym buddies.

Drop off yesterday went well, there was much commotion and excitement with 200 girls moving into the dorms for the week.  We made her bed, unpacked her bags, and she began the mighty "door decoration contest" immediately. 

I could tell my girl was a little apprehensive, but I left her all smiles, ready to start camp.

Last night, I was able to speak to my daughter on her teammates cell phone.  I could sense a little sadness.  But then she asked me exactly what to wear to the shower, since she obviously can't walk down the hall naked.

I hoped my mom radar needed adjusting, and her apprehension on the phone was shower related.

Around 10:20pm, I saw a missed call on my cell.  It was my girl.  In my heart I knew she was homesick.  I comforted myself by knowing I would see her today.  We were driving back to State College to bring my son to a football camp (that is another story).

When we peeked in the gym this morning at Penn State, I saw my daughter.  And I knew she was sad.  She came out to use the bathroom, and Hubby asked her how its going.

She started to cry.

I went over and hugged her big, and told her to shake it off.  She has the whole week left.  No time for tears.  I wanted her to go back in that gym and make friends.

Even though she never said it, I knew she wanted to come home.

I sent her back in the gym.  And then I told Hubby we had to blow that pop stand.  The more we hung around, watching through the windows, the more she wanted to see us. 

It was time to be strong for her, because she needed to be at camp on her own.

Wish me luck this week as I console her from the phone.  It may be a long week in Pennsylvania.  I'm hoping not, because that gymnastics camp was no joke.

Those girls were having a blast.  Now I just hope my daughter does too.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mommyhood Beach

If you read my blog know several weeks ago we started a patio.  "Started" meaning we dug the hole.  A perfect 10x10 square for what was supposed to house some patio stone.  And the patio stone was supposed to house a firepit, and some chairs. 

When the project was complete we were going to chill on our patio all summer.  I imagined music and smores.  Hubby imagined friends and beer.

Same difference. 

The patio hit a road block a few weeks ago, when Hubby bought play sand to fill the hole.  I was fairly certain he needed something more along the lines of patio sand.  For pavers.  And people making patios.

The trouble was that Hubby had already dumped all 33 bags of playsand before I was able to nag him and tell him he can't just buy any sand when making a patio.  He was not in the mood for my 'tude, if you catch my drift. 

The upside to this whole scenario was that the munchkins were pretty stoked about this sand situation.  I think within minutes of seeing it they were playing in it.  And this continued for hours.  Days.  Weeks.

On Sunday, it was rather warm, and the sun was shining.  The kids wanted to swim, but along with no central air, we have no pool.

Unless you count the $30 blow up one in my garage from last summer.

My mommybrains decided to make a beach out of our giant sand pit.  I blew up that pool with our mini air pump and placed it right on the edge of my patio-turned-sandbox.  I filled that sucker with water and told the munchkins to grab their suits.

Mommyhood Beach was born.
The afternoon was spent running and leaping into our classy blow up pool.  And of course playing on the beach.

When life gives you lemons, make that lemonade.  When Hubby dumps playsand in the patio hole, make a beach.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why I Love Summer

Growing up, I had genuine love for autumn.  There was excitement in the start of school, and the changing leaves.  There was so much to look forward to...another school year full of possibilities.

While I still cherish fall, these days, it's the summertime I can't get enough of.  We can sleep in.  I don't need to make lunches or freak out about the school bus.  I don't have to dress my kids in five layers of clothes and try to squeeze them into their carseats.  The kids stay up late, and we indulge in movies and ice cream.  We don't care about clothes, keeping clean or what the weather will be.

We chill in whatever we feel like wearing.
We fly by the seat of our pants 75% of the summer.  The other 25% we don't even bother with pants.

Unless of course we have camp.  And then I spend my days cruising around in my mom mobile spending money in peace.

For all these reasons, I cherish my time in the summer sun.  I relish the peace that is summer mornings.  I just can't get enough of summer when it finally rolls around.

And thank heavens fall starts with football season.  It makes the changing seasons all that much more enjoyable.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Teacher Gifts

If you teach my children stop reading.

I'm 99% certain that warning was not needed.

If anyone else in the United States is also STILL in school, this post might come in handy.  Most of you are already enjoying your summer vacation with your kids.  Or you are ready to pull your hair out because your kids are all home, ALL day, with YOU.

If that's the case save this post for next year.  Or use it for a camp counselor.  Or a birthday gift.  Or make it for yourself and eat the candy when your kids are driving you mad and you want to stick needles in your eyes.

These candy jars are very easy to make.  And they require little extra supplies if you have some basic craft items in your house.  A glue gun is worthwhile investment if you don't have one, as are jelly/jam jars.

Jars are very versatile, and glue guns are awesome. 

These jars are whimsical, fun, and they can save you money if you are in need of a few teacher gifts. 

Two important tips for these jars.  

#1:  You are going for color.  Bright colors work for ribbon and candies.
#2:  Use what you have in your home.  Don't go crazy purchasing special ribbon or tissue paper.  Find something that will work in your basement or closet and USE it!

"Super Sweet Teacher" Candy Jars

Jars with lids (I recommend Pint Jars or larger)
Candies (Skittles, M&M's etc)
Colorful ribbon (curling and craft ribbon)
Colorful tissue paper, wrapping paper or regular paper
Scissors (craft and regular)
Glue Gun (or use Elmer's if you must)
Cellophane or plastic treat sacks if attaching gift card

Wash and dry jars and lids.

Full with assortment of colorful candies (I used Skittles and M&M's).

Cut tissue paper in squares to fit over jar lids, leaving about 2-3" around edges.  Screw lid on gently.

Measure craft ribbon alongside rim of jar, and cut.  Using glue gun, secure in place.

If attaching a gift card, wrap in cellophane.  Cutting down those plastic treat bags works well too.  Tie curly ribbon tightly around cello (or party bag).  Leave enough slack to tie this ribbon around jar (leave about 12" to be safe.  You can always trim it down).

On printer, print out "Sweets for a SUPER SWEET Teacher"  or "Thanks for being a SUPER SWEET Teacher" card.

Cut card into square with craft scissors (or regular if you don't have them).  To spruce up card glue it to a piece of colorful cardstock or construction paper.  Cut to size and punch hole in top left corner.

Tie card onto front of gift card using curly ribbon.  Loop the curly ribbon around the neck of the jar, cross in back and tie in front (in front of gift card).  Curl ribbon with scissors.

If desired, secure curly ribbon on back of lid with glue gun.

Voila, teacher gifts, in just a few minutes!
One major bonus to making these jars??

You can eat the candy as you make them!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend we blew off all of our commitments and took our kids to the beach.  Well, we blew off very few commitments and arranged a way around the others.

Our time at the beach is going to be limited this summer.  I work many weekends, the kids have camps, and on August 1st we become slaves to football practices.  We knew this weekend was a prime opportunity to squeeze in some time in the sand, and we couldn't let a weekend at the beach pass us by.  There is nothing like the smell of that salt air.
For the past several months, my dad has been steadily working on opening a business near his beach house.  He has been living at the beach for most of this past month.  This weekend, in between his work commitments and getting his new venture up and running, I was able to spend some time with my dad.

And my kids were able to mess up his beach house. 

Even though the days are never long enough, our mini vacation was much needed.  The kids were able to see my dad, and they jumped all over him, made noise and reminded him of how chaotic kids can be. 

They also were able to play in the waves, and lay in the sand.  The sun was out in full force Saturday and we had an amazingly awesome day.  Sunday was overcast, but we enjoyed our time just the same.  The mood is always lighter when the ocean is a block away. 

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.  I know mine is one swell dude.  My Hubby isn't too shabby either when it comes to being a dad.

Which makes me one lucky chick.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Morning at My House

Since I am already late for a work meeting, and I am still in my running gear....and I have to stop at the school....and the bank....and make my bed....

I'm posting a small piece of my morning.

I'm sure all mommies can relate.
There is nothing more pleasing to a toddler than mom's running shoes, some bedhead, a yogurt drink and a "lovey" at 7am.

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Movin' On Up

Today was my oldest baby's "Moving Up Ceremony."  He is transitioning from his cozy, loving, wonderfully supportive elementary school to the big bad middle school.

That was me talking.  If you ask him it would sound a little more exciting.

He has spent the last five years of his life within the walls of his elementary school.  He has learned to read, write, take tests, buy lunch and do homework.  He has grown from a small boy who played with trains to a big kid who lives for sports and ESPN.  He has met good friends and learned hard lessons.

It was a pretty incredible experience. 

My baby is now a "middle schooler," which frightens the bejesus out of me.  He is thrilled about the vending machines in the middle school lunchroom and I'm terrified about how fast time is flying.

It seems like just yesterday we were graduating preschool.
But I must have slept a few nights because today my baby moved up to middle school.

Where does the time go?
Today I was misty eyed as my boy received a fitness award, and even better, the Citizenship Award.  We cheered on his friends and spent the afternoon celebrating with the families in his grade.  

It was a fabulous day, and I could not be more proud of my little guy.

And I wish him every happiness in middle school.  Vending machines and all.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Flag Football

My boys have been in flag football for a few years.  When you strip away the equipment, tackling and four-day-a-week commitment from tackle football, you get flag football.

And it is a blast.

The kids congregate at our field every Sunday and sport their NFL inspired team jerseys.  They play their hearts out for forty to fifty minutes, and they feel like football stars.
One of the many reasons our flag football program is so beloved is that kids who don't play tackle football sign up for flag football.  It's not intimidating, and all are welcome.  Teams are a mix of tackle football players, soccer players, baseball players, girls, boys and anyone else who wants in.

The practices are minimal, and the games are every Sunday.  They run one after the other...oldest age group at 8am, next at 9am....and it continues.  There are several families who have more than one child playing flag.  They pack their coolers, bring their folding chairs and park themselves at the field all morning.

We are one of those families.

Hubby coaches both boys, and once we are at the field, we are there until my little maniac finishes up at noon.  We eat from the snack bar, talk with friends, and watch our boys pass, catch, pull flags and hopefully score some TD's. 
If you've ever considered flag football for your kids,  I highly recommend it.  In our town, it is the perfect mix of hard work, friendship, fun and football.

This past Sunday was our last week of flag, and while Hubby is ready for a small hiatus before tackle starts up, I'll be missing cheering on these boys...until August rolls around.
Run baby run.  Right to the end zone.

Happy Monday all.  Hope yours is awesome.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick and Easy Father's Day Gift

*a re-post...enjoy!*

To me, Father's Day isn't about buying presents.  The handmade gifts are where it's at.

This gift is one of my all time favorites.  My Gymnastics Queen made something very similar for me a few years ago in school and it still hangs above my vanity.

Every morning when I'm primping myself I see it and smile.

This gift is easy, simple and inexpensive.  All you need is a munchkin, a computer with a printer, crayons and one trip to Walmart for a $3.00 frame.

On your computer print out a sheet of paper with "My Dad"  or "All About My Dad" across the top.

Underneath type four or five questions or statements for your munchkin to answer and fill in.  Examples are "My dad likes to cook____", "My Dad's favorite show is________".   You'll be amused by what your munchkins notice and the answers they give.

Keep questions to a few because munchkin hands tire quickly.

After questions are typed, add in an empty box underneath "My Dad" (or chosen title) for your munchkin to make a picture.

If you want to be a real fancypants add in a real photograph.  I am never prepared enough for actual photos.  I fly by the seat of my pants on handmade crafts.

I suggest allowing munchkins to come up with answers without any assistance.  My son wrote my Hubby was 90 and he likes to ask the kids about vitamins.

Entertainment in it's purest form.

Secure your paper in frame and voila!  A handy, entertaining heartfelt keepsake for your wall. 

Another option for the frame (which I prefer for older munchkins) is the homemade newspaper.  This would be a "Father of the Year Named!"  Or "World's Best Dad 2011!" title.  Underneath I created an interview style article with questions about Hubby for my Sports Fanatic to answer.

Again, just need a frame and a computer.  Munchkin can handle the rest.
Happy Gift Making!

Mommyhood Footnote: If you want to be uber crafty head to a crafts store and buy an unfinished frame.  Have munchkin paint it and add paper in after it dries.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Make a Shirt for Field Day

Remember Field Day?  That day towards the end of school when you did nothing but play games?  It's a free-for-all tied in with an "it's almost summer!" excitement that every child should experience.

Usually classes are teams.  In our school, in every grade each class is assigned a team color.  This year my boys are blue team, my daughter is yellow team.

Last year all my kids were red team.  It was pretty awesome.

For the past few years, I have made a tradition of making field day shirts with my kids.  Once I know what color team they are, I head to Michael's Craft Store and grab them shirts.  I also comb the aisles for sale or clearance iron on decals.

If your children are lucky enough to have field day, keep your eyes open throughout the year for great deals on fabric markers and anything to decorate shirts.  Puff paints, iron on letters and glitter included.
Once you have groovy shirt decorating tools like fabric markers you will be able to use them for a few years.  Keep them all together in a bag like this one, and every year you won't have to dig all over your closet or junk drawer when it's time to decorate shirts.

If you are tight on money (I know the feeling) puff paints and glitter work wonders on shirts.  Make designs or write on the shirt with the puff paint, and sprinkle glitter over top.  Allow to dry and shake off the excess.
Your kids will be proud to sport their homemade shirts to field day, and they will have a great jammie shirt for years to come.  You'll remember making the shirt every time your child wears it, or every time you run it through the wash.

And trust me, you'll be glad you spent $5.00 on a shirt for you and your munchkin to decorate.  You'll keep the memories with your forever.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


A few nights ago, at gymnastics practice, the girls had a fairly grueling hour of conditioning.  It involved pull ups and sprints and stretches and dozens of other things I could never do.


This body was never meant to be a gymnast.

This hour of conditioning ended with a round of fifteen push ups.  The kicker was that the girls had to clap in between each one.  And these girls were wiped.  Exhausted.  They were ready to hit the road.

I was watching this practice from the waiting room window, along with a few other moms.  When the girls finished their push ups, their coach asked the team a question.

We couldn't hear the question.  But about six to eight gymnasts stood up, some very hesitantly.  These girls were looking around like they were embarrassed.  They just stood there, not knowing what to expect.  My daughter was one of the girls who stood, and I couldn't read her face.

Was this a good thing?  A bad thing?  Why was she standing up looking so uncomfortable?

I assumed it must have been a positive sign, because the other girls standing with her were some of the best and strongest on the team.  She was in very good company. 

On the way home that night, I asked my daughter why she stood up when conditioning was over.  She didn't want to talk about it at first.  This confused me further, and so I asked her again.  I mentioned that the girls standing with her were some of the best on the team.  Out of twenty girls, only about eight were standing with her.  The rest remained sitting on the floor, and they were all her age or younger.

Finally, my little Gymnastics Queen spoke up.  "Coach asked who didn't complete fifteen push ups with claps in between....and if you didn't do fifteen to stand up..."

I listened patiently.

"...and my arms were so tired from our workout...I didn't get to fifteen..."

So you stood up.


And the girls in the levels higher than you stood up?


I could not have been more proud.  I knew in that moment that probably most of the girls on the team couldn't complete those push ups.  If the most elite gymnasts on her team stood alongside her, those fifteen push ups had to be killer.

Yet most of the team remained seated.  And they sat because admitting you didn't complete a task is a tough thing to do.  Standing up in front of your teammates takes guts.  

And I was one proud mama.  At the end of the day, my daughter stood up and she was honest. 

One day she will be grown up (sniff sniff), and she won't be spending hours in a gym.  She won't be worried about whether or not she completed fifteen clap push ups.  She will be forging her path in this crazy thing we call life.  And it won't be easy.

But now I know my girl will do it with character.  And that means more than any amount of clap push ups on the planet. 

Happy Thursday!

Mommyhood Footnote:  One thing about organized sports, is that they teach kids these lessons we can't teach.  They truly build strong bodies and strong minds.  And knowing that makes that ride to practice even more worth my while.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And the Mother of Year Award goes to...

Not me.  At least not this week.

Yesterday was what I would call my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  It was a day full of complications, frustrations, questionable parenting and interesting customers at work.

To accurately describe my day, I can only work with a timeline.  It went something like this:

6:30am: I don't get in my morning run.  Hubby needs to leave early for work.

8:32am: My two middle kids miss the bus.  I spiral into a complete and total mom freak out.  It came out of nowhere.  They had more than enough time to dress and prepare for school, yet the bus rolled up and I had one child with one shoe on, the other with no shoes on.

Cue scary mom.

"Look at me!!!! (pointing to myself in flannel pants, hair a mess with my glasses on).  DO YOU THINK I'M READY TO DRIVE YOU TO SCHOOL???!!!"

Cue scared child faces.

There may or may not have been a few expletives as I ran upstairs to shower and rush back down to start up the mom mobile to drop kids at school.

11:30am:  I take the wrong exit to Moopa's eye doctor appointment.  This is annoying because I have driven there about fifteen times before.

I am 20 minutes late to appointment.

3:20pm:  Dressed for work, I wait for my munchkins to return home from school.  The Gymnastics Queen is still disgruntled about our morning, and this is now coupled with friend troubles.  There was a vote in class for the "Friendliest Student."  There was apparently some agreement between her and her BFF that they would vote for eachother.

My daughter voted for her BFF.

At "carpet time" another girl broke the news to my Gymnastics Queen her BFF did not vote for her.  My Gymnastics Queen quickly questioned her friend.

It was true.

I try to explain to my daughter that girls really stink sometimes.  And that it was a great lesson in deal making.  Always vote for who you want to, no deals necessary.

I leave for work with a heavy heart because I know I was part of my daughter's bad day.

4:52pm:  My cell phone is ringing at work.  I run outside to answer it.  It's Hubby asking where my car keys are.  My stomach sinks.  I'm pretty sure they are in my purse, with me at work.

My daughter had to be at gymnastics at 5pm. 

I rush to make a few calls, and manage to get her picked up.  My mother comes to get my keys and brings them to Hubby.

Isn't family grand?

7:00pm:  I wait on the most strangely difficult table I've had in a long time.  There were dozens of dish inquiries, requests for special meals, several refills needed, and quite simply questions I have never had to answer.


I spent my hour waiting on them looking for the candid camera.

10:00pm:  Finish work.  Check my phone.  Text from Hubby.  The Gymnastics Queen claims she has a Spring Concert Wednesday night at 7pm? 

Return text:  This is news to me.

I sit and ponder how I will squeeze in gymnastics practice, a one time conditioning class for my son and a Spring concert on Wednesday between the hours of 5pm and 8pm.  I am also without Hubby who has a work obligation.

I give up and decide to let the chips fall where they may.  My brain has nothing left.

10:30pm:  I return home, and ate the largest piece of leftover birthday cake I could fit in my dessert bowl.

To sum up this post, I'm just as nutty as the rest of us.

I guess it's safe to say we're all just trying to do the best we can, with what we have, when we have it.  And sometimes, we just have one of those days when we know we could have done better by our kids.  And yesterday, I could have done better.  The rest of the day would have still stunk, but my kids would have never known the difference.

I'm so glad today is another day.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eleven Years Ago

Eleven years ago, I was twenty one.  I was newly married, settled into my first house, and enjoying my first year on my own with my Hubby.

At twenty one years old, I was experiencing many firsts.  And of all the shocks to my system that year, having my first baby was by far and away the largest.

And the best.

Eleven years ago today, I was in my hospital room staring at my miracle.  He was mine.  All mine.  It was so hard to wrap my head around the concept that I was completely and totally 100% responsible for this tiny life in front of me.

This tiny, precious most wonderful life.

I sat in my hospital bed, with the glow of the moon outside my window, and I couldn't get enough of my son's face.  His noises.  His smell.

I have never been the same since that night eleven years ago.  I grew up in a matter of seconds.  I became selfless, fierce, weak, compassionate and scared to death I might screw this all up.

But here I am, still reveling in the magic that is my oldest son.  And he has paved the way beautifully for three younger siblings.  He is the product of all my concerned and perfect parenting efforts.  He was blockaded by baby enclosures, forced to eat every baby food available on the market, he had strict nap routines and knew his manners.

He still knows his manners. 

And I am so very proud of my little guy.  Luckily for me the younger three maniacs follow his lead, because Lord knows that could have been a disaster.

Happy 11th birthday to you, my oldest baby.  The day you came into this world I was changed forever, from the inside out.  And only a tiny piece of the person I was before you remains.

Thank heavens for that, because she wasn't half the person you made me.  There is no greater privilege on this planet than being your mom.

Thank you for this wonderful privilege.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Puppy Tales

For the past few days, Georgia has been busy establishing herself as queen of the castle.  Penny's arrival was fairly uneventful, aside from the initial introduction to Georgia being a stink eye stare-down.

Penny got the message.  But forgot in minutes and was eager to play pretty soon after Georgia got her nasty out of her system.

Georgia wanted none of it. 

Penny has been making every effort to develop a sisterly relationship with Georgia, but Georgia is a grumpy old broad.  She is either indifferent to poor Penny or growling at her to get out of her space. 

Our days have looked much like this:
I guess these things take time.  Harmony has not yet developed between these two canines.

But we love them both just fine.  It's been a nice mix of lazy "I'm too old for this" dog and "what else can I chew on and tear apart" puppy fun.

Always interesting here in Mommyhood.