Monday, June 11, 2012

Flag Football

My boys have been in flag football for a few years.  When you strip away the equipment, tackling and four-day-a-week commitment from tackle football, you get flag football.

And it is a blast.

The kids congregate at our field every Sunday and sport their NFL inspired team jerseys.  They play their hearts out for forty to fifty minutes, and they feel like football stars.
One of the many reasons our flag football program is so beloved is that kids who don't play tackle football sign up for flag football.  It's not intimidating, and all are welcome.  Teams are a mix of tackle football players, soccer players, baseball players, girls, boys and anyone else who wants in.

The practices are minimal, and the games are every Sunday.  They run one after the other...oldest age group at 8am, next at 9am....and it continues.  There are several families who have more than one child playing flag.  They pack their coolers, bring their folding chairs and park themselves at the field all morning.

We are one of those families.

Hubby coaches both boys, and once we are at the field, we are there until my little maniac finishes up at noon.  We eat from the snack bar, talk with friends, and watch our boys pass, catch, pull flags and hopefully score some TD's. 
If you've ever considered flag football for your kids,  I highly recommend it.  In our town, it is the perfect mix of hard work, friendship, fun and football.

This past Sunday was our last week of flag, and while Hubby is ready for a small hiatus before tackle starts up, I'll be missing cheering on these boys...until August rolls around.
Run baby run.  Right to the end zone.

Happy Monday all.  Hope yours is awesome.


  1. My 11 yr. old son just tried it for the first time this year and really loved it! It was a lot of fun and he wants to do it again next year.


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