Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Sweet Overpriced Home

We are back in New York State after a wonderful week in Pennsylvania.  My daughter loved camp, but she did battle a pretty nasty case of homesick-ness.

I knew this was a possibility, she is only just nine.  It's no piece of cake to be without mommy hugs and rules, siblings to bug you, and daddy kisses before bed.

All in all, she did phenomenal.  I did have to move the troops (aka myself and my three other munchkins) to campus the last two days.  Her phone call Tuesday night was filled with tears.  And I knew after she said her stomach hurt all day she was homesick enough to feel sick.

I went into mommy mode and moved the troops in.  We drove the hour from our friend's house (we stayed with them to be closer to Penn State in case we were needed) to State College.  We smiled from the window of the training gym, hugged her between sessions and walked around campus in between. 

The boys and Moopa were awesome.  Our mini trip was a blast.  We stayed at the Ramada, and the boys could have been at a five star hotel for how excited they were about the pools.  And the free breakfast.  And the plush beds with flat screen television. 

Since no dad was present, it was pretty much a free for all.  We drank Frappuccinos, ate at the Waffle Shop for lunch and walked to the Creamery after dinner. 

I even let them watch Nick at Nite until 10pm.  They were counting their lucky stars.  And Moopa trucked right along with everyone like a champ.
Now that we are all home in New York, I would like to point out how ripped off we all are in the Empire State.

Pennsylvania property taxes are half (sometimes less!) what we pay in New York.

They have no sales tax on clothes.

I swear their clearance racks are cheaper than ours.  Our maybe it rolls back to the no sales tax thing.

Gas is cheaper.  I filled up for $3.19/gallon!  Goin rate downtown for us?  $3.59.

Oh, and gymnastics training is waaaaaay less in Pennsylvania.  I spoke to many parents in that waiting area at the camp.

The moral of my post?

I love Pennsylvania.  I love State College.  And I love my munchkins.  They all were pretty cool campers this week.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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