Friday, June 15, 2012

A Morning at My House

Since I am already late for a work meeting, and I am still in my running gear....and I have to stop at the school....and the bank....and make my bed....

I'm posting a small piece of my morning.

I'm sure all mommies can relate.
There is nothing more pleasing to a toddler than mom's running shoes, some bedhead, a yogurt drink and a "lovey" at 7am.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Yesterday I could have taken the same photo of Little One - down to the lovey (ours is exactly the same except it's a bunny - Does it have a prayer around the border?). Oh, and her straw must ALWAYS match the color of the yogurt and heaven help you if you run outta red ones!

    1. Love it - they are all the same!!!


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