Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Penn State Gymnastics Camp: A Follow Up

Yesterday, I posted that my daughter was having some difficulty adjusting to life away from home.  It's so comforting to know she prefers living under my watchful, overbearing eyes to the freedom of gymnastics camp.

I was certain she would enjoy eating whatever she pleased and pushing the envelope on bedtime.  Instead she was homesick for all my rules and regulations.

Love my girl.

Yesterday morning, when we checked on her before leaving for the rest of the week, she was unhappy.  Uncertain.  Afraid.  She had spent one night there and all she wanted was to come back home.

But I knew leaving her teary eyed in that hallway outside the gymnastics gym was exactly what she needed.  I stepped away and gave her room to grow.  And have fun.  And meet new people.

And then I sat by my phone all afternoon and waited for the camp to call and ask me to retrieve my homesick, hysterical daughter.

They never did.

When I spoke with her last night, her mood had lifted.  She had met a friend named Ashley.  She sounded like herself again, and was finding her groove.

With her tears hopefully behind her, maybe she'll even learn some new gymnastics skills this week.

I'm happy to report I slept much better last night.  Much, much better.  My heart was happy, because my daughter was happy.

And for my munchkins, happiness is everything.

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  1. Yay!!! Just shows you are doing a great job and giving her skills she's gunna need for life.


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