Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Love Story: Me and the Swiffer Wet Jet

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With four kids, I appreciate products that clean quickly, and more importantly clean well.  A few years ago my mother purchased a Swiffer WetJet.  At the time, my family was staying with my parents while we transplanted ourselves from Pennsylvania to New York State.

Living with anyone when you have small children running wild is stressful.  Parents are no exception.

Every day before my parents returned from work I hurried to clean the mess my circus took such care in making all day long.  Sticky counters and tables.  Toys everywhere.  And a kitchen floor peppered with juice, smushed food and a few other unidentifiable items.

I was never so happy to have a Wet Jet at my disposal.  This stressful house-less summer was when my love affair with the Swiffer Wet Jet began.  After I vacuumed our daily crumbs, I was able to clean the floor in minutes.  And it worked just as well as a mop.  I would say better than a mop because a mop harbors germs like sink sponges.

It's pretty gross.  Which makes a Wet Jet pretty awesome.

The Wet Jet is light, and there is no plug and cord to trip over.  You press the button to spray the cleaner on the floor, and the velcro pad on the bottom loosens dirt and grime, and traps it inside.  The floor dries fast and looks squeaky clean.

When you're done cleaning, toss the pad and store the Wet Jet.

Last week, we vacationed at the beach.  We were at my parents' beach house, dragging sand in all day and spilling drinks all night.  The highlight of my last day on vacation was finding that Wet Jet in the hall closet.

The floors were clean in minutes.  No mop, no bucket, no dark brown soiled water to remind me of the mess we made.

Just me, the kids and the Wet Jet.  And a super clean floor.

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