Monday, July 9, 2012

Camp Week

This week is one of the few weeks of our summer that is filled to the hills with camps.  Actually we only have two camps, but I drive around enough to feel as though we have half a dozen.  The freedom is fabulous but the gas mileage is not.

Here is the current rundown of my days:
6:30am - run
7:30am - breakfast for the circus
8:30am - gather the circus and load into car
8:40am - drop one munchkin off for a carpool
9:00am - drop another munchkin at camp
9:20-11:20am - errands
11:30am - retrieve one munchkin from camp
12:00 - retrieve another munchkin from camp
1:00 - lunch
1:30 - naptime for the Moopa
2:00 - resist urge to lay on deck in sun and read.  Clean instead.
3:00 - give in to urge to lay on deck in sun and read.  Feck the cleaning.
4:00 - Hubby is home.  Always a surprise.  Unless of course, I'm due in to wait tables until 10pm.

Hope your summer is just as exciting, without the chaos!

Happy New Week!

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