Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Home Improvement Tale

I grew up with a family in the building industry.  Our home had gorgeous wood doors, the best windows and wood plank floors I can only now dream about.

Everyone knows the building industry went bust years ago.  Other than my Hubby and my brother, no immediate family is in the building industry.  But that's okay, because we had a good run.  The memories are forever.

My current home is more average.  We struggle with hating the carpet and make small improvements here and there.  We just finished our patio (the munchkins are still mourning Mommyhood Beach) and recently Hubby decided to rip out the carpet in the family room. 

The carpet was steam cleaned more times than I can recall and it still was downright frightening.  To me anyway. 

After a week of living on plywood floors, it was time to get a new floor.  We prefer to use our limited funds on camps and activities for the kids, making funds for the floor nonexistent.  I took my oldest and my Moopa to Home Cheapo yesterday and browsed the flooring possibilities.  I was tempted to buy peel and stick laminate.  So easy, so fast so cheap.

I called my father and asked what he thought of peel and stick.  I could do it myself, and it will just be destroyed by the kids and dogs anyway.

He was horrified.  My father's building industry bloods still runs thick through his veins.

I decided on laminate flooring that looks like wood.  And last night Hubby spent his evening installing our new floor.

Is it wood?  Nope.  Is it higher end wood laminate? Not a chance.

It's budget mommyhood style.  It serves its purpose, and I no longer have to look at carpet I can't stomach.
Cheers to cheap home improvements.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loving it! Great story by the way. I think this helps home owners a lot. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your post; I could totally relate. No matter how I would love to make some improvements to our home, budget will always be an issue. That is why we stick to low-maintenance fixtures that won’t be too hard on our pockets.

  3. Hahaha. That carpet is hideous! I personally prefer hardwood floors over carpets because it's much easier to clean and it is every bit of classy a carpet is to our homes. Plus the costs is just about the same.

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