Thursday, July 12, 2012

Night Shifts

I work the night shift.  I am unable to wait tables during the day, unless they schedule me for a Saturday or Sunday.  And even then, with four munchkins and all their activities, playdates and birthday parties, lunches are no walk in the park. 

Working at night works for me.  Hubby handles the munchkins fabulously, and the house is still in one piece when I return home sometime after 10:30. 

However, there are a few major hurdles to working the night shift.  I am not home for bedtime.  This stinks, even if I only work about three nights a week.

I am not home for movie nights.  Or dinner out.  I am usually serving people who are having dinner out and planning on movie nights. 

There is also a rather large discrepancy between myself and Hubby regarding what to do when I'm off work on a weekend.  I prefer a night at home.  I cherish my bed.  If I'm out until 11pm serving tables Friday night, I want a low key Saturday night.

Especially if I have to clock back in on Sunday.

Hubby?  He is ready to go out.  If he is home putting munchkins to bed and loading the dishwasher Friday night, he wants out Saturday.  The man wants to breathe. 

Our resolution is he goes alone, or we go for the early bird special.  Mama needs her bed and a good movie whenever possible.  We do what works for us, and our system works fairly well.

Although I'm still watering the money tree in my yard.  So far, no cigar.

Have a fabulous Thursday! Hope you have a kick butt weekend planned.

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