Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tumbling on a Float

When your daughter competes in gymnastics, her world is opened to opportunites that wouldn't otherwise present themselves.

This Fourth of July, she tumbled on a float in a local parade.  Her coaches have constructed this mobile gym for the past ten years.  And it was pretty nifty.

Other than my top notch planning which had us walking about a mile to drop her off with the team in 100 degree temperatures, the parade was a blast.  We eagerly awaited her gym's float on a shady curb while enjoying fruit snacks and juice pouches.
When her team turned the corner, we heard the crowd cheering in amazement at these gymnasts performing on the uneven bars and tumble mats.  They were also armed with candy for tossing to the tiny spectators.
And when my daughter saw us, it was genuine excitement.  She hurried to toss her siblings some prime candies while we smiled and waved.
The evening continued with fireworks, greasy food and live music.  All in all, a very wonderful Independence Day.

Hope yours was just as fab.  Happy Thursday!!

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