Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Back to School Tips

I can't even believe I'm writing this post.  While a few minutes (or hours) to shop in peace is appealing, the thought of homework is enough to make my eyes well up with tears.  The past two months have been heavenly, spent swimming in other people's pools and running to the store on a whim because I keep nothing in stock.  We've been to camps, the beach and out to dinner.  The world has been our oyster.

In two short weeks I'll be reinforcing bedtimes, making lunches and rushing to catch school buses.  We'll need clean clothes and dinner during the hours people normally eat dinner.

Where did summer go?

Over the years I've compiled a small mental list to prepare us for back to school.  While none of what I'm about to share is rocket science, it certainly helps ease the transition back to reality.

1.  A week before school, get back to bedtimes.  The internal clock needs adjusting, and the first day of school is not the day to shock the system.

2.  Take the kids for new underwear.  And socks.  Make sure they have shoes.  While clothes may or may not be needed, I will bet the farm your kids could use some new undergarments and footwear.  If you're feeling generous buy them something new to wear for the first day.

3.  Stock the pantry with lunch and snack items.  Check expiration dates on what you have in the fridge.  There is nothing worse than making lunches on the first day of school with mushy grapes and stale potato chips.

4.  Read with your kids.  I know all of our kids have been busy reading all summer, I'm just sending out a little reminder (wink). 

5.  Check school websites for back to school supplies.  If you need items for back to school, take your children (and your patience) to Target and stock up.  Grab new lunch sacks and cold packs.  Add in some lunch or ice cream and make the day memorable.

6.  Sit the munchkins down and remind them about good school behavior.  Set personal and family goals for the year ahead.  Discuss worries, concerns and friend troubles.  Most importantly, review SAFETY tips for before and after school transportation and phone numbers in case of emergencies.  

Do this over dinner at IHOP.

7.  Clean bedrooms.  There is nothing more disturbing than sifting through laundry to find that perfect back to school outfit. 

8.  Limit television and video games.  Better the kids experience electronics withdrawal at home than in homeroom.

9.  Consider haircuts for the kids.  It's nice to send the boys back to school with a clean neck and hair that isn't growing over the ears.  And girls?  It's good to trim out the chlorine.

10.  Enjoy the last few nights with your kids.  Snuggle.  Laugh.  Make s'mores.  Cherish the family time before school starts and the chaos begins.

Have a fantabulous Wednesday.  Wishing you summer sunshine and well behaved kids these next two weeks!


  1. One more from a teacher- make sure your child knows how to get to and from school! If your child will be walking home from school, practice the route multiple times. If your child will be meeting you at a specific spot, see if you can go in the school long enough to let your child practice coming to the special meeting spot. Work on memorizing the bus number. Making sure your child knows EXACTLY how to get home those first few days will really help your child's teacher! (And make sure your child stays safe!)

  2. Sigh. Orientation for us is Friday (as in TWO DAYS from now). My only tip is to have a plan for the influx of paperwork. I swear, each child brings home a stack an inch thick (x3 for me this year!). I would love to share MY plan for this, but, alas, I don't have one yet. What? I still have TWO WHOLE DAYS! ;)

    1. Yes! Too many papers!! We use the extras for scrap/coloring...since we get three of every notice!


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