Friday, August 31, 2012

A Blogger Confession

Since I started blogging, my goal was to reach people. While I love to write and take pictures and create pretty things, I really wanted all of it to be shared.

I wanted parents to know the insanity isn't so bad. There can be joy in the screaming. We're all in the same "what did you do to your sister?!" boat.

These past few months, I have seen a HUGE increase in traffic to my blog. Much of this traffic has been generated from Pinterest, an online pinboard. And most of these new readers are turning to my blog for one thing - my Disney semi-expertise.

Disney planning parents have flocked to my Disney Tips N' Tricks page in search of any method possible to make Disney World planning easier on the brain. I know from experience that Disney planning takes a lot out of a person. And if you haven't been before? Que the confusion mayhem.

Along with the fabulous new readers, and the "pageviews" they have brought my small "Mommy Blog, " I have seen a small increase in revenue. I've had new opportunities and the possibility of hanging up my waitressing apron and being home to put my kids to bed is almost an actual possibility.

It's enough to bring tears to my eyes.

For anyone who doesn't know, my oldest daughter is a competitive gymnast. When Hubby and I discussed her competing almost three years ago, I decided to take on the responsibility of paying the fees. I have been working ever since. I've cleaned dressing rooms at Kohl's, spent hours teaching myself HTML for my blog and currently wipe down tables of smushed french fries.

Along with gymnastics bills, the money I make buys groceries, school clothes and Frappuccinos.

Hey, a mom has to live too.

I wanted this Friday's post to be a "shout out" to all my incredible readers who have shared in my life by reading my blog for the past two years. And the readers who just found me through Pinterest. And anyone else who clicks over to this strange place called "It's ALL Good in Mommyhood."

I love you all.

And if you like something I post, please share it. "Pin" it. Read it twice. It makes a difference over here on my end, and I appreciate you all very very much.

You make my blogging heart sing.

Cheers for a fabulous weekend!


  1. That's great! I've seen you pinned a few times and I'm always like, "Hey! I know her!" lol....if only from your blog. ;) You're wonderful.

  2. I repinned you Disney tips I think it got repinned from me 10 times..Lol Best advise ever!!! We are on our way now! In the car driving to the airport! Thank you!

    1. Thanks a million! Have a fab trip, and a sane drive! xo

  3. Tried opening your Disney Tips page and got a message saying the page no longer exists on your blog??


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