Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School Nightmare

It's Saturday.  Outside it's rainy and cool, and normally I would love to snuggle my blanket and sleep well past 7am. 

Instead, I jolted awake this morning from a horrific back to school nightmare that only my mind could think up.  All of my kids missed the bus on the first day of school, because I forgot it was the first day of school.  The next thing I remember we were running around our house trying to find the back to school supplies.

There was stuff everywhere, some of it new and some of it still left in the backpacks from last year.  Which incidentally, the backpacks in this dream weren't even our backpacks.

I continued to run around frantically, inside and even out in the yard, telling myself what a terrible mother I am for forgetting it was the first day of school.

As I searched for supplies, I was screaming to all my munchkins to hurry and dress because I was going to drive them to school.  My oldest was distraught because it was his first day of middle school, and I was distraught because it was also Moopa's first day of kindergarten.

Let's ignore that she is only three for now.

Next I remember dumping broken crayons and nubby pencils into my eleven year old's backpack, my neighbors talking about me, and myself trying to wrangle the kids out the front door.

But I couldn't find jackets because it wasn't even my house.


This is when I jolted awake, confused and wondering what day it is.  Then I realized it's Saturday, I have all back to school stuff piled on my dining room table, and my house is no where near as awesome as the house my brain gave me in my dream.  The "dream house" was old with wooden doors and tons of character, but it was a completely disorganized mess.

It was enough to wake me from my nightmare.  It took me several minutes to decompress, remember I'm whacked in the skull, and breathe again.

At least I'm up and ready for our football scrimmage today, and the house is still quiet because the munchkins are still sleeping.

Cheers to my peeps.  Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. At least there weren't any hair combin issues! Rest easy now because the reality of back to school panic will only keep at bay for so long!! Happy Saturday


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