Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back Yard Obstacle Course

Summer is winding down, and the munchkins are getting a little bit antsy.  Camps are finished, playdates are few and far between and day trips are over for the time being.

While I'm still loving the routine-less days, I'm not loving the miniature arguments over juice, television and who is touching what.  It's enough to almost make me wish for school.  Almost.

Yesterday, in an effort to keep the kids outside and away from all electronics, I suggested an obstacle course.  The munchkins love a good challenge, and quickly began planning and finding obstacles. 

The beauty of an obstacle course is that you need nothing fancy, just a timer and a little imagination.  Our obstacle challenge went like this:

Down the Slip N' Slide.

Around the tree.

Balance beam around the playground that needs more playground mulch.

Jump over assorted pieces of junk we found in our yard.

Run up the plank.

Slide down the slide.

Oh, and of course every obstacle course needs a dedicated timer.  Our Sports Fanatic was happy to oblige.

And then he hit the course full dressed.  That's the beauty of summer, no worries man.  No worries.

Happy Thursday!


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