Monday, August 6, 2012

Carpool Anyone?

This week, I have two kids in camp from 9am to 3pm.  These camps are in two completely different directions.  I knew this when I signed the forms and paid the money, I just chose to deal with it later.

This is my go-to system.  Deal with it when I need to deal with it.

Last night, I had to deal with it, so I finalized carpool plans with two families who also have a child in each one of my kid's camps.  My one neighbor and friend has a daughter doing gymnastics camp, and our other friend has a son at Sports Camp. 

These families also play zone defense, meaning they have MORE than two children. 

It's safe to say my brain has just about nothing left after figuring out my three family carpool to two camps that are no where near eachother.  I feel as though I just played an hour of "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?" 

Anyone else remember that show?

For now, everyone has a ride and every parent will cursing the price of gas by the end of this week.  As plans shuffle and change, and parents need carpool adjustments, we'll deal with it.  We always do, and somehow we always figure it out.

In conclusion, I'll attach my standard summer photo of myself that sums up my life:
To my carpool families, I thank you.  You have saved me from my over-scheduling debacle.  Next summer I may bag camps all together.

Just another week here in Mommyhood.


  1. Today is Day 1 of Cross Country Camp. It's a 25 minute drive from home, so the girls and I shopped, played, and picnicked while waiting rather than return home to wait. It probably ended up costing us more with the whole "shopping" part, but still. Problem is, this is only Day 1. {SIGH}.

  2. Today I sent both of my girls off to school - one to middle and one to high school. I still haven't recovered from what I spent on school supplies.


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