Monday, August 20, 2012

Football Mom

Over the weekend, we had two very big football scrimmages.  Both of my boys suited up and faced the field for the first time this season.  These scrimmages involve several other teams, and we do it "Round Robbin" style.  The boys play six mini-games, and we get a small taste of how prepared our town is for opening day.

This is my fifth year as a "football mom," and it never gets dull.  Ever. 

Saturday was my younger son's first experience playing "real" football.  He took snaps, took hits and ran the ball with gusto.  It was thrilling to watch, and even more thrilling that he loved it as much as he did.  Football is not for everyone, and I was relieved to see that for now, football is for him.

Trust me when I say that it is not easy to line up against a 100 lb "might mite" when you weigh 60 lbs.  Mighty Mites is the only level that doesn't have a weight limit, and I must say that after Saturday I may suggest to someone who has some pull that we need to check into that.  I may have lost a year of my life during scrimmage four seeing number 8 line up against our tiny team of six and seven year old boys. I had to remind myself that he is the same age as our boys, and most likely still sleeps with stuffed animals and loves Super Mario Bros.

It only calmed me a bit.  I was much happier when the whistle blew and rotated fields.

My older son plays at a slightly more intense level, and 100 lbs boys are a dime a dozen.  Sunday we packed our cooler for the three hour scrimmage to watch these big boys play some big kid football.  I was completely amazed at how fast they play, how hard they hit, and how well they play as a team.

I have long said that football builds a camaraderie like no other sport.  And yesterday, I saw that camaraderie once again.

I'm officially ready to start our season, team jersey on my back and cowbell in my hand.  Oh, and on a side note, we ran into number 8 at Burger King on the way back from our scrimmage Saturday.  He was eating a full five piece chicken strip meal; LLG was busy dippin' his nuggets in sweet n' sour.  

I remarked to his mom what a big kid he is, and that he played great.  He actually didn't look nearly as threatening without his shoulder pads and helmet.  His mother told me he is really just a big mush, and he still sleeps with his stuffed animals. 

Appearances can truly be deceiving.

Happy Monday everyone!

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