Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Middle School Orientation

Yesterday was my oldest child's middle school orientation. As of late I'm feeling bit of a pang in my heart because my kids are growing so fast. Like weeds in my vegetable garden.

In an effort to comprehend what the middle school orientation was aiming to tell me, I paid a babysitter money I don't have to attend the orientation sans smallest three munchkins. It was heavenly. There were no snack requests, potty requests, thirst complaints or Pop Tart crumbs.

Just me and my guy.

After the orientation we had lunch with friends, and continued on our way to do some shopping. While my daughter was over the moon about grabbing some back-to-school garb, I had to convince my Sports Fanatic that new sneakers might be a good idea. I even convinced him that a lightweight Under Armour jacket would come in handy while he waited for the bus at 6:50am.

Yes, 6:50am.

After I paid for these awesome items with more money I don't have I drove him to GameStop, because as any good "gamer" would know Madden 2013 came out yesterday. My son had five games set aside to trade in, a $25 gift card and his wallet to make sure he went home with the coveted Madden 13.

And he did.

To say my day was wonderful would be an understatement. Spending quality solo time with my kids makes my heart sing, because all of them at once puts me into survival mode. It becomes how fast can we shop, how little can we spend and how well can we all get along.

One on one time is all about reconnecting, knowing where my kids are in their lives and lovin' them like crazy.

Love yours like crazy, because last time I checked I was dropping this guy off at kindergarten.

Happy Trails!


  1. Big hugs! You both have a beautiful smile.... Yours! :) Xoxo

    1. Amory - thanks!! I'm messaging you btw - i have a question for you!

  2. Awww! My boy starts kindergarten next Thursday and I'll be crying my way through this next week. I don't even know where the time went. Lovely photo of you and your son!


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