Thursday, August 23, 2012

My (Hubby-less) Night

Last night, Hubby had a mandatory work meeting that kept him overnight somewhere in Pennsylvania. I don't really ask questions. I just need the basics these days.

Earlier this week, after hearing he would be away Wednesday night, I envisioned my Hubby-less evening to go something like this:

Return from football/gymnastics practices around 8pm.
Kids enjoy a dessert, something involving ice cream.
Little kids in bed by 9pm.
My oldest in bed by 9:30pm.
I help myself to a huge mug of ice cream at 9:45pm
I settle into bed, with the remote at 9:47pm.
I watch trash chick television until I pass out with sprinkles all over my pajamas.

To prepare for my evening, I even took all four of my munchkins to Shop Rite at noon to buy groceries, and most importantly, ice cream.  I was in such a great "mommy mood" we chose two Redbox movies.

The kids also got quarters for those junk machines by the checkout.  I was SuperMom yesterday.

Much to my dismay, when I returned home from gymnastics/football practice last night, my Hubby-less evening went like this:

Pull into the driveway at 8pm, no power.
Walk into my house, no power.
Kids let the dogs out with flashlights because we have no power.
We all settle into my room with flashlights and make a few shadow animals.
An hour later, we still have no power.
At 10pm, I attempt to get my generator running so I can at least scoop ice cream and get a movie on.
At 10:15pm I give up on the generator, curse my power company and go back to my munchkins. 
We grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and make a huge bed on my floor.
We all pass out at 11pm with no power.
I wake up at 1am, my clock is blinking, and I move my oldest and youngest munchkin to their beds. 
I decide the middle two manics can sleep on my floor.
I go back to bed.

This morning, I am ready to call my power company and demand an answer as to why I had no power last night.  We didn't have a lick of rain, a flake of snow or an ounce of wind.  I'm about ready to ask them to put my Hubby up in a hotel because they owe me a night chock full of ice cream and trash chick television.

I was robbed.  Is it too early to eat my ice cream?

Wishing you all a Happy (electricity-enabled) Thursday!


  1. Hub-less nights are something to look forward to… unless there isn't any power.. then apparently they aren't!

    1. Ugh...I was robbed of chick television and ice cream. Bummer!


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