Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer at the Beach

The year I got married, my dad purchased a house one block from the ocean.  The house needed some major TLC, and my dad spent months renovating the house to make it his own.  What resulted was a gorgeous house my entire family squeezes into every chance we get from June until the end of August.  We love the dusty picture frames and the sandy floors.  Days are hot and sticky but nights always surprise us with a cool ocean breeze. 

There is truly nothing like time spent by the ocean.

As wonderful as it is to escape from reality, weekends at the beach become a working vacation when you have to worry about four munchkins  After I had my first child, I realized that traveling with kids is certainly not the same as traveling without kids.  You need more supplies and more patience.  Everything takes much longer and if you can't laugh about things when they go wrong, you'll never have a good time.

Because with kids, something will always go wrong.

As my kids got older, taking them places is easier, because they know the drill.  We've taken them to enough places that they adjust to new surroundings.  They know how to sleep away from home, and they look forward to the new scenery.  This summer, they once again were able to spend time with their feet in the sand.  And I'm very thankful we had the few weeks we did at the beach.

If you're planning on heading to the beach this summer (or anytime in the near future) remember these tips to have a fab trip:

  1. Bring sunscreen.  Lots of sunscreen.
  2. Leave the cell behind as much as possible.
  3. Make time for ice cream.
  4. Bring along children's medications such as Tylenol.
  5. Consider packing probiotics, such as Culturelle. Probiotics keep tummies regular.
  6. During downtime, play cards and read books.  
  7. Purchase a large mesh bag for sand toys.  You will cherish this bag. 
  8. Don't forget your camera! 
Bringing your own medicines and probiotics can save you from upset stomachs and a midnight run to the store in case of a fever.  Probiotics such as Culturelle help prevent digestive upset, which is very common when kids are away from home.  They also boost digestive health which keeps kids healthy and their immune systems strong.

Culturelle is an all natural probiotic, and the #1 pediatrician recommend brand.  

Happy Traveling!

**This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are my own.**

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