Friday, August 3, 2012

The Olympics...and Other Friday Things

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been reading my blog and supporting my facebook page.  I reached 200 followers this past week, which was very exciting!  I have never really done much Pinterest/Facebook blog hopping, and to know I have 200 people who actually "Like" my Facebook page because they want to make me smile from ear to ear.

Secondly, I have had a huge surge in traffic because of my Disney blogs and pages.  I thank each and every Disney reader, and I will do my best to continue writing informative and helpful information as much as possible!  I enjoy all your trip planning questions and emails...keep 'em coming!  If you know anyone planning a Disney trip, send them my pages and know I am happy to help anyone with questions they have.

Lastly, HOW AMAZINGLY FUN are these Olympic Games???  I look forward to my 8pm showtime every night, watching the coverage of these incredible athletes as they compete in games they have trained their whole lives for.  I even love the commercials.  There is not one minute of my Olympic viewing that I don't enjoy.  The commercials are so inspiring I actually find myself wiping tears from my eyes.

Is that embarrassing or what?

My daughter has gone even more gymnastics crazy, constantly prancing around the house practicing her floor routines.  My sons held their own Olympic Games at our friend's swimming pool yesterday.  They had their i-pods out to time each other and made their own relay teams.

It's safe to say that everyone who watches the Olympics is inspired.  It's pretty tough not to be.

The only gripe I have about these Olympics, is that everyone knows who wins BEFORE we get to see the coverage on television.  It drives me crazy.  I have steadfastly avoided all news coverage and any husband and son included.  SportsCenter may ruin the surprise for them, but I have warned them NOT to ruin it for me.

Are you avoiding the spoilers?  Are do you check to see who won as soon as the media has the results?

I hope you're all enjoying your Friday, and I wish you all a very happy weekend!

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Happy Trails!


  1. I don't "have" Facebook, so I'm not following but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your blogging!

    The Olympics! WOOT! I love it! I usually wait to actually see the results during the programming - I love a surprise. BUT. During the swim event where Missy Franklin won her first gold, 90 seconds before they showed the event, NBC ran a commercial for the following morning's Today show: "We're there as Missy Franklin reunites with her parents after winning her first individual Gold medal!" Morons. Now I get up and leave the room during the commercials, just in case!

    1. That is so funny with the commercial - I swear all the tv news is killing the surprises!!!!

      Love your blog as well! :)

  2. The Olympics have been amazing! Even the girls are glued. :)

    You are one if my favorite bloggers. You keep it real and are super sweet and honest in your writing!

    1. Amory, thanks so much!!! While I am not the best "commenter" - your girls are adorable and I love to stay up on your news as well!!!! xo

  3. I came from Pinterest about your Disney tips. I've actually never been to Disney World & don't have kids yet, but I sure hope those tips all still apply by the time I have kiddos of my own and want to take a family vaycay! :) Also, I'm obsessed with the Olympics too and basically had a total meltdown the other day when someone spoiled the results from the Women's Team Gymnastics Final. It's just not as fun when you already know what's going to happen!

    1. Stella, yes! I heard Gabby won too - I was so disappointed to know the results! :) I will keep all my Disney information as current as possible, so when you have your kids the tips will definitely apply! Thanks for visiting!


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