Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts (is it Thursday?)

Five years ago, I had just moved into my new house and my oldest son was starting 1st grade. I was petrified for him. I was worried about him riding the bus, who he would sit with at lunch and who would play with him at recess. Here I had a new mortgage, boxes everywhere that needed unpacking, and all I could think about was how my baby would do at his new school.

Isn't being a parent grand? It truly puts everything into perspective. I spent the entire six hours he was gone wondering about his day. It took all my might not to sneak to school and peek through windows.

I'm sure the school would have frowned on my face pressed up against the glass. And if the school didn't, the authorities would have had something to say about it.

Time has really escaped me these past five years, because next week my son gets on the bus to go to middle school. I'm sure I'll be fighting the urge to peek through windows once more.

Maybe I should warn the authorities in advance.

Today, my two middle children are currently entertaining themselves in our backyard, playing games like "squirt the dogs with the hose" and "where is the empty garbage can?"

Don't ask. As long as they are busy, playing nicely and not watching television I'm happy to allow them to squirt the dogs and play in clean garbage cans.

Isn't imagination awesome? Amazing what kids will do when they spend time outside. The world becomes their playground.

That's all for now. Mama has laundry to tend to (isn't that always the case).

Much love to all of you - enjoy the rest of your Thursday!


  1. Wow!!! Wow!! Wow! Those pictures have an angelic hint to them. New camera???

    Your kids are beauties.

    1. Amory - its - I use it for all my editing now! :) Try it!!


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