Monday, August 27, 2012

Where's My Wallet?

Summer is officially winding down, and I have mixed feelings about school starting next week.  While I do look forward to shopping alone, I don't think I'll have any money left to buy anything.  Having the kids home has wrecked havoc on my limited finances.  Their tiny bellies are like bottomless pits, constantly digesting snacks and yogurt drinks.  When we leave the house, their eyes are wide with desire as we pass eateries and drive thrus.

One would think these kids are never fed.  I can't even grab a Starbucks without tiny voices pleading for food and Frappuccinos. 

Trouble is, we have to go places because our yard and our toys are getting "boring."  If we stay home, they eventually find their way back inside the house no matter how hard I try to convince them that the sprinkler is a good time. 

I swear my memories of the sprinkler are pleasant.  Or maybe I'm remembering a swimming pool?

Last week, in an effort to enjoy these last two weeks of summer I took my circus to a semi-local small zoological park.  It was reasonably priced, had cool animals such as mountain lions and a small snack stand to grab some grub.  It was just what the doctor ordered after a few days of battling over playing in the sprinkler.  The kids had a blast and we were home in time for football practice. 

And I enjoyed my time with the munchkins tremendously.  A change of scenery works wonders when the backyard is no longer thrilling.

Wishing everyone who is still enjoying these last few days of no school some great, low priced entertainment.  And for those of you who are enjoying their first few trips to the store sans children?  Enjoy the sanity.

Happy Trails!

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