Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Milestone

Today was Moopa's first day of preschool. While some mothers carried in clingy children, and lingered to make sure their babies would be okay,  I danced my way back to my car.  Literally.

Yes, I'm excited to have five hours a week to myself for the first time in eleven years.  But this morning, my joy came from someplace different.
Moopa's had an interesting first few years.  We noticed her strabismus when she was around seven months old.  Strabismus is similar to lazy eye, but for Moopa eye patches would not correct her problem.  We had to schedule eye surgery when she was just under two years old.

Que the bleeding eyes.  This was mentally and emotionally exhausting.  Although our little girl didn't seem to mind in the least after a few hours back at home.

On Moopa's two year old well visit, I mentioned to her pediatrician that her hands shake often.  And that her legs tremble when she wakes in the morning.  After her exam, we were sent to visit many specialists and over the next year have many tests.  My baby has had brain scans and blood drawn and her urine tested.  We started with physical therapy last September and occupational therapy last October. 

Other than knowing our baby girl has Hypotonia (low muscle tone that makes her weaker than her peers) and intention tremors (hands that tremor the harder she tries to complete tasks requiring fine motor skills),  we have no answers.

And when the weather turns cold, and it starts to snow, our baby struggles the most to get her days going.

Today, I feel like we reached a huge milestone.  Our baby girl went from crying if we even mentioned being around other kids to asking every minute when she could go to school.  She is confident, happy and ready to tackle preschool.

And so when I dropped her off today, I felt nothing but happiness for her.  I'm so very proud of all she has accomplished.  It's been a long road of appointments, therapists, evaluations and specialists.  These past few months she has blossomed and she is beginning to come into her own.

Today is just the beginning of her journey.

And for me, I can't say I'm not thrilled to type this without Nick Jr. in the background.  Or at the thought of Christmas shopping in peace this winter.  I'm ready to rock and I'll be cruising at full speed.

Wonderful things are ahead.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Big hugs, mama! She is gorgeous!

  2. What a big, brave girl! Happy first day of preschool!! And enjoy the quite time, Mama! ;)

  3. Thanks for being so honest. Stuff like that isn't easy to write/talk about sometimes. Our Baby Girl (now 5) was diagnosed with low muscle tone when she was about 15 months old and started therapy. She didn't walk until almost 18 months and even now there are some things that she's still below age level (walking down the stairs comes to mind - it's still one foot - stop - same foot).

    Enjoy the time alone! I'm just a bit jealous - preschool doesn't start around here until age 4 (there's just a few schools that take 3-year-olds and none are close enough to be worht it for us).

    PS Holy cow, does she look like your Gymnastics Queen!!

    1. Wow - I guess we are secretly related. :) No, it isn't easy to talk about, but I find strength in knowing so many other parents are on the same exhausting journey. Moopa's getting therapy at school this year - and I feel like celebrating because constantly being home for therapists was stressful! Moopa also does one foot, one foot...and man does she love to lay around if we let her! :) I'm sure it's the same for your baby girl! xo


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