Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Wednesday List

1.  My kids are home from school today.  I can't think long enough to post anything of substance.

2.  The weather here is turning.  I'm not happy with this development.

3.  Our beagle, Penny, cries and whimpers every time she's on a "trail."  She sniffs and sniffs, wagging violently for hours.  She never finds anything.  It kind of reminds me of that hound dog in that cartoon that can't smell.  Anyone?  What am I thinking about?

Is it Lady and the Tramp?

4.  I'm thinking of taking all four of my munchkins to Target today to look at Halloween merchandise.  In other words, we won't buy anything exciting, but will have a jolly time.

It's strange, but it works for cheap entertainment on a rainy day off school.

5.  I took a picture of my Moopa at the football field the other day.  I love it because it captures the happy maniac child she is.

On that note, I'll finish up because laundry needs washing and the floors need tending to.  We also have to get to our family outing at Target.

Happy Trails!

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