Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to Sanity, er School

Today is the first day of school. This year we were prepared, outfits set out and lunches packed. Tummies were full of breakfast and we ready for the bus on time.

Unfortunately for my daughter's back to school outfit the universe decided it was a great day to pour rain.
Now that the bus has pulled away, and the house is quiet except for Mickey Mouse singing "Hot Dog" to Moopa, you'll have to excuse me while I dance the jig and sing Hallelujah.

While I cherish time with my small circus, accomplishing just about anything has proven to be difficult with four extra bodies everywhere I go. I can say with confidence I have forgotten at least one major item every time I've gone to the store for the past eight weeks. I've also spent mucho denaro on items we don't really need.

Que the dozens of Frappuccinos.

In all seriousness, my summer has been plentiful and relaxing. It has also been expensive. We spent time at camp, at the beach and indulged in semi-necessities such as ice cream cones. We lived for the day and worked on a need to know basis. No more milk? Go to store. No more underwear? Do the laundry.

You get the idea.

Last year, I was not ready for my kids to go back to school. We spent much of our summer running my youngest to specialists and having tests done. It was physically and mentally draining. We felt as if we never enjoyed much time doing nothing. Summer flew by and there was never time to recharge our batteries.

This summer, we did just about all we wanted to do. Our batteries are recharged and we're feelin' awesome.

Today, I regain my sanity. I regain my ability to shop without an entourage, use coupons and wash my floors.

In case anyone is wondering why I only have pictures of two of my kids on the first day, it's because I didn't want my "middle-schooler" to die of embarrassment as I snapped pictures of him waiting for the bus.

Trying to be a cool mom is no easy task.

Happy back to School to all my mommy pals ~ enjoy the peace and quiet!

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