Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Sister, The Bone Marrow Superhero

A few years ago when my younger sister was in college, she joined the National Marrow Donor Program.  When I found out she was on the registry, it didn't surprise me in the least.  My sister is a free spirit, and her heart is open.  She has always been in the business of "helping people."  Bailee has worked with Autistic kids and the mentally ill.  She is generous, kind and patient.  My sister is much more laid back than I am and she is the best aunt to my kids.

I often ask her NOT to marry and have kids of her own.  I need my kids to have that "cool aunt" who will buy them prom dresses and take them back to school shopping.  She laughs at me, and I tell her I'm so not kidding.

A mother can dream.

A few months ago, my sister got the call from the marrow registry that she was a match.  A woman, 45 years old with Preleukemia needed a bone marrow transplant.  This woman is very sick and without bone marrow will most likely die.  That's all my sister was told.

While signing on to donate marrow is relatively easy, donating marrow is more complex.  It requires time in a clinic or hospital, and time to recover.   Registering to be a marrow donor is a serious commitment, and donors need to be ready and willing to go through with the procedure if they are matched to a patient in need of marrow.

On Monday, my mother flew out to Chicago to be with my sister.  From what my sister was told, she would be fairly uncomfortable for a few days.  My sister checked into the hospital yesterday morning, and went under anesthesia for the procedure.  Doctors used needles to withdraw liquid marrow from the back of her pelvic bone.  The procedure took longer than normal (two hours as opposed to an hour and a half) because this woman needs more marrow than other patients.

Outside the door a doctor waited with a cooler, ready to transport the marrow.  My mother asked where the marrow was going, this doctor was unable to say.

You know, privacy laws and all.

All we do know is that last night, somewhere in the United States, a dying woman received my sister's marrow.  And my sister became someone's superhero.  Along with the cooler full of healthy marrow, this woman received a card from my sister.  Anonymous, of course.

You know, privacy laws and all.

This chick is the real deal.  All heart.  And I'm so very proud she is my sister.  In a month, she will have an update on whether or not her marrow healed this very special woman.
Men, stay away.  She is NOT allowed to marry.

Cheers to all for a fantastic Thursday!

The story continues....PART 2: "Life"


  1. Gave me chills to read! God Bless your sister and the lucky woman who got her bone marrow.

  2. Awww!!! I got chills too. What a gift. You must be so proud.

  3. Wow, she is a superhero!! What a selfless gift to give. More people need to be like your sister.

  4. This also gave me chills and I have to admit, a tad bit teary eyed. I love reading stories like this. Your sister is an awesome woman!

  5. Wow very powerful my dear friend Jodie! What an amazing person. God bless both of them.

  6. BEAUTIFUL! You have an awesome sister, and you told this story so beautifully!

  7. This totally made me get all teary-eyed. I had no idea there was such a thing as a bone marrow registry. What an amazing woman!!


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