Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween List

1. Sometimes, the better pictures are taken on your cell phone.  The kids just happen to all look and smile at once.  This is just the luck of the draw. 

2. My oldest does a great Tim Tebow.  I think he's praying for Three Musketeers bars.

3.  "Old Guys" need canes, quirky personalities and funny faces to be effective.  LLG is the perfect "Mr. Jenkins."

Don't ask.
4.  I love nothing more than to stop my kids in the middle of something exciting and fun, such as the start of trick-or-treating, and ask them for a picture.  Only cool moms do this, because we carry our giant cameras everywhere.

5.  After about five houses, toddlers inevitably start to fall behind the big kids.  To put it lightly, this pissed Strawberry off.  

6.  Beer and candy go very well with trick-or-treating.

7.  Dad's drinking beer get the job of walking tired, pissed off toddlers up and down hills for candy.

8.  My two middle munchkins are still best friends.  There had to be twenty kids in our group and they still walked together, waited for eachother and decided when to call it a day.
9.  #8 makes me cry.  It also makes me wish I convinced my daughter to be an "Old Lady."  They would have been the perfect, gray haired pair.

10.  Every year, I give the munchkins a sandwich bag and tell them to fill it with their favorite candies.  They are allowed to keep this bag in their room, and have a piece or two whenever they wish.
The rest is either tossed, brought to work or baked into desserts.  This year we are donating the rest to a dentist who will be shipping the candy overseas to our troops.  Isn't that the most fabulous idea?
Hope you all had a stellar Halloween.  I know we did.  If you'll excuse me, I need to squeeze in a few more candies before November.



  1. Oh my! I love the old man costume!! Totally made me laugh!! I agree. Only cool moms. ;) What a fantastic idea...sending the candy overseas. Awesome! Glad to see you all had a great Halloween! It's my favorite holiday!

  2. You are a smart lady on regard to the candy!


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