Friday, October 5, 2012

As of Late

This week was fairly eventful here at Mommyhood.  There is no Earth shattering news to report, just plenty of small tidbits that made for an entertaining week.

Monday night, as myself and Hubby were watching the end of Monday Night Football, we noticed a figure in the hallway.  Our son was wandering around in the dark.  We called for him to come in our room.  He walked in, and looked extremely disoriented.  He was squinting his eyes from the light coming off the television, and kept telling us "I had to...I had to...I had to come in here because..."

Hubby and I knew instantly he was up to his sleepwalking again.  Once we realized this, we were waiting on pins and needles for the big reveal.   He continued on with his "I had to come in here because..." and he started to walk towards our bathroom.

Why!?  Why did you need to come in here? Oh the suspense!

"I had to come in here because...I have to...I have to...clip my nails...."

Ah. of course.  I told Hubby to get him back to bed.  Poor little sleepwalker.

Buddy, your nails look great.  No clipping tonight.  Back to bed....

On Wednesday, before school, my two middle manics (who are BFF) started to unload about the un-pleasantries of the school bus.  The Gymnastics Queen began with "Mom! You have NO IDEA what our life is like on the bus!!!"

I kind of laughed, until her sidekick LLG chimed in, "Yea! Yea! You don't!!"

Okay...tell me please...why is the bus so awful?

"People lean over our seat to talk, and spit comes out!"

Yupper.  That is awful.  But you know what's even more awful?  $4.00/gallon.

Que confused faces.  They'll get it one day.  

On Tuesday and Thursday, Moopa gave me her fill of "I only want to wear dresses regardless of weather or event" behavior.  This behavior includes removing any clothing item she finds undesirable.  For school, I urged her to please wear leggings and a sweater along with her dress.  Please child, I beg you.

She refused.

Since I only fight necessary battles these days, I tossed on headwear and warm footwear for school.  It was, after all, raining and 63 degrees.
Let the people talk.

Cheers for a Happy Friday!


  1. You made me LOL with your gas price quip! HAHA! Sleepwalker, huh? That must get interesting! Love your header. Your hot dog costume reminds me that my husband and I have bacon and eggs costumes to get down!

  2. Oh my precious! Such a little cutie. Rainboots are the best!

  3. I laughed out loud at your nail clipping story... so funny!

    And your little "dress girl" reminds me of my older sister. I've heard stories of how she used to wear a dress under he regular, appropriate weather clothes in order to get out of the house. As soon as she would get to school, she would peel off the outer layer and stuff them in her backpack! This went on for a while until the teacher called Mom and Dad, asking them to make sure she was dressed more appropriately for the cold weather! Busted!

  4. Our Oldest Boy is a sleepwalker/night terror kid, too. He usually never gets to the "had to" part. The funny ones aren't so bad, but when he would wake up screaming and running around without being awake it would kinda freak us out (this is why there's still a gate at the top of our stairs at night). We found out that aspartame (Nutrasweet) was what caused his - that stuff has some really awful neurological side effects. In his case, now he only has an episode if he has a fever - and I can't decide if it's the fever itself or if it's the sweetener in the fever meds.

    1. Wow - nutrasweet - I never thought of that! Funny, he used to have night terrors as a toddler....was our only kid who had them. I'll have to keep an eye on his food now!


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