Saturday, October 13, 2012


Due to recent family developments, which I will touch upon in a different post, I'm winding down my days as a waitress.  At least for now.  Last night was my 2nd to last shift at work, and as fate would have it, the good people were out in abundance.

Table after table was friendly, kind and enjoying themselves.  Even the tables that I couldn't get a good read on were generous with their tip and pleasant customers.  Nights like last night are the reason I love waitressing.  I love to be around good people who have a natural kindness about them.  Some people are content, loved and loving.  They make you happy.

Last night at about 7pm, a "four top" sat in my section.  All this translates to is that four adults sat where I was taking tables.  There was also a baby, but since he wasn't eating, he technically doesn't count.

Isn't waitress speak so confusing?

There was a couple with the baby, and her parents. They asked my name after I told them to make sure they had it right, and all night they spoke to me by name. They all ordered drinks.  Chivas Regal, chardonnay, martini and a Guinness.  They ordered appetizers, and then they ordered dinner and dessert. 

It was such a pleasure.

They asked where I take my kids pumpkin picking, and I asked where they are from.  "Grandpa" expressed several times what a pleasure I was, and I returned the sentiment.

When I dropped their bill, and ran grandpa's card, I wished them a "fabulous weekend."  They left a smile on my face, and made me think about how much I will miss serving great families like theirs.

And when I opened my billfold, I not only knew they were wonderful people, but generous as well.

People don't realize how far a good tip goes, and how much it is truly appreciated.  I wish I could tell them gymnastics money is due, or that I'm picking up my son's birthday cake today.  Their generosity will go a very long way in my wallet.

Every server I know is a parent, a student or someone trying to get on their feet.  Be a good customer, and remember to tip well.  It's always greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. This post made me cry! I've never been a waitress but for some reason i always get a little teary when someone gets a good tip! Haha! One of my students who recently graduated (i work at a cosmetology school) had a person tip her $50 (i think - it was a lot!) & she was crying! Haha. What a sweet family, so glad you have that night to remember as you leave this job for awhile!!

  2. What a wonderful post...and a great reminder to tip well! Brought tears to my eyes, actually...I LOVE good people!


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