Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Pictures

Since I'm still online, and I'm just about OVER this storm that hasn't even hit yet since the hype started Friday, I figured I'd post some pictures. 

These are courtesy of my dad, who is hunkering down at our beach house at the Jersey Shore.  He cruised up to Ocean Avenue to sneak a peak at Mother Ocean, and we are most certainly hearing her call.

Any other Buffett fans out there?

This is Mack's Snacks, the snack stand we pass every time we walk to the beach.  My kids occasionally read the sign and beg for a milkshake, an ice cream or a hot dog.

I tell them I'm not paying for a $5.00 milkshake and we'll eat at the beach house.

Mack's will not be serving up any snacks today.
This is 13th Ave Beach, where we normally camp out right near the lifeguard chair.
Here is Matisse, an overpriced restaurant on the end of 13th Ave that I've eaten at once.  I'm not a seafood fan, and I don't remember what I ordered.   I'm sure it was something off the kid's menu since I prefer burgers and fries.  Or grilled cheese and fries.  Or anything with fries.
Lastly, here is one of our beach house neighbors.  This one is my favorite.
Wishing everyone in Sandy's path a safe few days.  My dad is now snug as a bug in the beach house, probably drinking wine and waiting for the ocean to knock on his door.

I'll be sure to share any pictures of the aftermath, here in NY state and in the center of the madness at the Jersey Shore.

Stay safe!  Eat Halloween candy!

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