Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's a Hurricane Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween.  After the past few days, it's tough to believe it's trick-or-treat time already.  My kids have had no school since last Friday, and tomorrow will be another day off.

Kind of difficult to have school when there is no electricity.

Hurricane Sandy blew in Monday afternoon at about 4pm, with wind picking up and rain blowing sideways.  Our power went out at 4:30 pm, immediately after a large gust of tropical storm wind.  My Facebook post said something to the effect of, That's all she wrote...power out....because we were certain that once power went out, that was it.

For days.

With our generator running, we played an intense game of "Headbandz" with the kids.  I realized three things while playing Headbandz:

1.  It's an awesome game.

2.  I'm really, really bad at it. 

3.  My kids are smart enough to look at themselves in the window reflection and see what is on their Headband.  Little cheaters.

Here, is Moopa wearing her Headband.  When my middle two munchkins weren't cheating, Moopa was walking around telling us what was on our "headbandz."  It made for a very entertaining game.
After a few games of getting my butt kicked because I didn't realize I was playing with miniature cheaters, we cleaned up for a family movie.  I was just about to suffer through selecting a movie we all would enjoy when, with a flicker of light, our power returned.  It was just before 8pm.

We danced the jig and sprinted to shower before the power went back out.

It never did.

Tomorrow, I have costumes ready to roll and we will trick-or-treat as usual.  This year, instead of stepping over snow mounds we'll carry an umbrella and dodge tree limbs.  It's a fair trade.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone is fasting in preparation for your Halloween sugar highs. 

Save me the Mounds bars.

Cheers to all the men and women working on power lines, cable lines and everything else in need of repair.  Stay safe!



  1. Happy Halloween to you!! I literally laughed out loud at your #3… Little devils… which is oddly appropriate for this time of year.

  2. Glad you are safe and have power . .happy halloween

  3. Happy to hear you're all safe! Have fun trick-or-treating!

  4. Sometimes it's fun to have the power go out! ;)


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