Thursday, October 25, 2012

Curse you, Moon Sand

I just settled in to write a quick post but all of my energies have been completely zapped due to an early morning battle over Moon Sand.

Curse you Treasure Kingdom Moon Sand.

Last night my daughter received two bags of hand-me-down clothes at gymnastics.  This mom told me there was a bunch of boots, sweaters and pants.  Oh, and a box of unopened Moon Sand her now fourteen year old daughter will not use.

When we were sifting through all the goodies, there it was in the very bottom of one of the bags.  The Moon Sand.

At 8:30pm, there was no question that we were NOT opening anything requiring sand to play.

Naturally, my kids thought 7:45am was a better time.  I caught my daughter right before she had the sand out and all over my kitchen table.  The same table I'm about to serve waffles on.  Serenity now. 

As you can imagine, I'm completely unreasonable because they WILL NOT make a mess. It will be clean. They promise. Oh yes, and pigs are flying outside my window and hell has officially frozen over. I'm off to make it a better Thursday, since I've already had a battle of the stink eyes. 


  1. Messes before breakfast. Absolutely not!!! Gotta hide those things out of sight next time. :) Happy Thursday.

  2. My girls never understood why I hated Playdough so much. I am sure I would have hated Moon Sand if it had been around then, too!

  3. Moon Sand = Evil. Now, I'm not exactly one to be afraid of a good mess in the name of fun (We do play-doh at LEAST once a week, mostly at my request) but that Moon Sand, shew. Don't even get me started! You know, the tag line is "sand that will never dry out!" Well, guess why regular sand is easier to clean up? BECAUSE IT DRIES OUT!!! You can vacuum regular sand. That stuff sticks. To everything!! We, um, "lost" ours. Yes, all of it all at once. ;)


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