Monday, October 8, 2012

Blue Sweatsuit Battle

Our weekend was fairly eventful, with two football games and a dinner out Saturday night.  My fabulous mother graciously offered to watch our munchkins so me and Hubby could discuss some important matters over homemade chips and dip and french fries.

More on those important matters another day.

On Sunday, the family went from football game to football game in bitter, damp cold weather.  Moopa cried for about twenty minutes regarding the powder blue sweatsuit I insisted she wear, squirming on the floor and making a scene.  If the child would wear appropriate outerwear I may have let a dress and leggings slide, but she refuses to wear anything remotely warm and cozy.

Que screaming fit over blue sweatsuit.

After the first football game, we all packed into the car to drive to my older son's game.  At the field, the little kids were walking ahead of myself and my parents.  When I turned the corner to our side of the field, LLG and the Gymnastics Queen were standing there, strange looks on the their faces.  They told me Moopa fell in the mud.

"What mud?"

They pointed.

I looked in the direction they were pointing, and there was MUD.  It stretched for about twenty feet.  The kind of mud your shoes disappear into and your feet feel damp inside your shoes.  And there, in the mud, was Moopa.  She was still laying, kind of in shock, clinging to her fold up princess chair I purchased at Kohl's with my 30% off coupon.

I'm pretty sure my mother was laughing so hard her nostrils were flaring.  We tend to do that when anything out of our control takes us by surprise.  

Since Moopa was probably laying there for a solid 30 seconds, the mud had soaked her to the bones.  Literally.

We had no choice but to remove her powder blue sweatsuit, leaving her in a long sleeve white top, undies and faux Uggs.  We put her jacket on her, wrapped her in a blanket we brought, and sat her in her princess chair.

She was not to move for the entire game, because she was basically naked underneath.  And she didn't.

Luckily for her the Gymnastics Queen kept her great company.

The football game ended up being a tough loss, but I did get a great picture of my Sports Fanatic dropping back to pass.

Always look on the bright side.

Happy Monday everyone.  If you don't like the blue sweatsuit your mom dresses you in, be sure to fall in a field of mud.  Works every time.

If you're wondering what has come of that powder blue sweatsuit, it is currently in it's 2nd wash cycle in our machine.  I ran a quick rinse, a heavy wash, and another heavy wash.  Moopa can't get rid of the sweatsuit that easy.  She'll see it again one day soon.

The battle continues.


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  1. Love it! We had a grease episode around here on Saturday (also our anniversary). My husband did...something to the tractor that involved ball bearings and lots and LOTS and LOTS of grease. Somehow it ended up splattered on my (indoor!) kitchen cabinets. Which my Baby Girl ran into. And then Little One rubbed up against her. And my blazer. This, I must admit, took a whole hour of detective work before we figured out the scenario, altho we're still not entirely sure how it got into the kitchen in the first place. Clearly, Mr. MOTH is to blame.


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