Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy, Oh Sandy

I've got chills,
They're multiplying.
This storm's out of con-trol...
'Cause the power,
Hurricane Sandy's supply-ing....
It's lose-my-electricfy-ing!

Hurricane Sandy is on her way.  It's official.  Stores are packed to the hills with shoppers, lines are wrapping around the aisles and there is no bottled water anywhere.

Or generators.

I'm rather displeased since once again Halloween will most likely be a bust.  Two years in a row we will be hunkered down at home weathering out a storm.  This is my Moopa, on our deck, last Halloween weekend.
We did get trick-or-treating in, but it was rather uneventful since many neighborhoods had no power.  The kids collected what they could, from families in winter hats handing out candy from their porches.

This year may be the same story.

The upside to this storm is we were forced to clean out the garage to make room for our patio furniture and other items in the yard.  We were tempted to leave everything and watch it fly around, but we decided on alternate forms of entertainment.  And against having our windows shattered by flying patio chairs.

Our generator is now prepped and ready, and our fridge is full of the necessities.  I can safely say I will still be enjoying my ice cream.  Thank heavens.

To sum up, Sandy, you stink. 

If I'm not online for the next few'll know where I am.  Wishing everyone a safe week ahead! 

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