Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Things...Take Some Getting Used To

Since September, there have been quite a few developments in our house that take some getting used to.

One would obviously be my older daughter accepting that she has to wear a back brace until her growth plates set.  Considering she is only 9, I'm hoping she grows at least another foot.  At least.  While we wait the next several years for her growth plates, she'll work around this brace.  So far she sleeps in it, goes to school in it and even wears it to recess and P.E. without complaint.  The girl amazes me.

I've been getting used to remembering she needs help to get in and out of the brace.  She stood next to me in her gymnastic leotard, brace over top, for ten minutes yesterday telling me she has to use the bathroom.

Why are you telling me?  Go use the bathroom!


Ah. I guess that needs to come off.

Another development would be my younger daughter, the Moopa, perfectly navigating herself through the apps on my cell phone.  This week I've noticed she turns it on, unlocks the screen and likes to take pictures.  Here are two of her hundreds of pictures I've found on my phone...

Along with picture taking, it's been quite interesting shopping without a toddler in tow every Tuesday and Thursday morning after I drop her at preschool.  I usually have a mini panic attack every time I leave a parking lot, wondering where I left my baby.

Then I remember she's at school.  And I breath a sigh of relief until I leave the next parking lot.
Need I mention the middle school bus?  This bus will be the death of me.  Every morning, Monday through Friday, my alarm wakes me in the dark from a sound slumber.

Well, sound slumber as long as there are no munchkin feet in my back.

After the first few days of school, I assured myself I would get used to it.  I would start rising before the sun without so much as an alarm.  It would be second nature and I would enjoy the hour of peace and quiet after I get my baby, er, 11 yr old on the bus.

I'm still waiting to rise before the sun without that alarm.  I'm still waiting to feel semi awake as I fumble down the hall to wake my son, who is also still sleeping soundly.  We usually have a comical "half awake" discussion as I wake him.   

Time to get up buddy. 


Time to get up.

"Uhhhhhh....huh?  What time is it?"

Monday.  Er, I mean time for school....

Times are a changin' in this house.  The weather is getting colder, the kids are getting older, and I still hate the middle school bus.


  1. Time to start enjoying it. Even if it does take some getting used to.

    1. Enjoy it all I do! The only thing constant is change, right? :)


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