Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Television (or my lack thereof)

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When my older munchkins were toddlers, I had this insanely amazing schedule that had them sleeping at 7pm.  Dinner was 5:30, bath was 6:30 and bedtime was 7pm.  Once they were tucked in, I ran the laundry and washed the dishes.  I scurried from room to room picking up toys, and when all was fairly clean I switched my mom jeans out for pajamas.  I use the term "mom jeans" lightly.

I was in front of the television at 8pm, bowl of ice cream in hand.  I watched until 10pm, at which time I retired for the evening.

Unless I had another show to watch.

I craved that time alone, and I was regimented about the babies being in bed on time.  Aside from needing those few hours to myself, there was no Digital Video Recorder.  If you weren't in front of the tube when your show started, you missed it.

It was such a cruel world.

But as my babies grew, our schedule evolved.  My nights in front of the television were cut short by later bedtimes and more dishes, laundry and homework. 

Why didn't anyone accurately explain the laundry that accompanies every additional child?  Who am I kidding, I wouldn't have cared regardless.

These days, I'm still in my kitchen cleaning up well after 9pm.  I'm writing notes for school, setting lunchboxes aside and running one last load of underpants.  If the stars align, I'm in front of my idiot box by 10pm, and I have one solid hour of DVR watching before I pass out with my glasses still in place.

On any given evening, my DVR is usually waiting patiently with at least five or six episodes of each show I record burning up memory.  I don't even remember what days my shows air. 

Here, are my "I must sit and catch up on my DVR shows:"

1.  Private Practice
2.  Grey's Anatomy
3.  Modern Family
4.  Teen Mom (am I the only one who loves a hot mess?)
5.  16 and Pregnant (refer to above comment about a hot mess)

The good news is that as my children have grown, and our conversations have evolved past "Who just went pee pee?!"  I've needed less time alone.  I still need it, but not quite as much is required to keep me sane.  Or maybe I'm just too far gone to notice the difference.

Either way, it works out just fine.

What's your lineup??  Or is everything you watch also sitting on your DVR?


  1. I gave up most commercial television after our first was born. My husband was in control and he watches news and sports. Occasionally the History channel.

    But. I just discovered Once Upon A Time and I.AM.HOOKED! Thankfully, I can watch the first season on Netflix and I'm desperately trying to catch up to real-time but, alas, my DVR is almost full. {SIGH}

    1. I have the same husband controls the remote scenario...I have to watch in family room...and usually i give in and watch what he wants in our room because I'm too tired! I haven't seen Once Upon a Time...but a few friends of mine love it too!

  2. We're too cheap to pay for cable, so we only have Hulu Plus. We watch old favorites (Arrested Development, the Office, Prison Break, etc.) but when I need alone time I watch Grey's Anatomy. Love that show!

    1. Stella, never heard of hulu plus? I'm googling right now!

  3. I never seem to remember what nights my shows are on, so the DVR is a lifesaver! My guilty pleasure show is gossip girl, but I really love modern family and the voice as well!

    1. Yes, I LOVE the Voice - we watch that with the kids when we catch it.

  4. We have the same exact line up of shows!! What do you think of the new season of Grey's and PP?

    P.S. I knew we had a bond over more than a love if Disney, scrapbooking or ice cream. :)


    1. Amory! Knew I loved ya! LOVE PP...Grey's too but I must PP is more a fav now. How about you?

  5. I still have all of last season's Modern Family to watch… never saw the season finally of Grey's, but jumped into this seasons with the pledge of never getting more than 14 episodes behind… And if you throw anything on Bravo… I'm watching it… and by 'watching it' I mean… recording it…. sigh…

    1. Sam! If you do one thing, catch up on Modern Fam! Oh Bravo...quality TV for sure!


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