Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Aftermath

Today I woke up still full from yesterday.  And the day before yesterday.  It was a two day birthday extravaganza that included take out, cake, Starbucks, leftover cake, Mexican and another cake. 

If I don't eat again until tomorrow it may be too soon.  Although I did just eat more leftover cake for breakfast. 

Don't tell anyone.

As always, the highlight of my birthday was my munchkins, and their homemade cards.  LLG came home from school, grabbed a piece of printer paper and sat behind me at the table asking how to spell "birthday" "amazing" and "presents."

And then he asked how to spell my name.

I tried not to laugh as he worked steadily, right behind me, on my card.  When he finished he asked for an envelope and tape.

Last night Hubby informed me LLG went upstairs and took a dollar out of his wallet to put in my birthday card.  Hubby said the card was perfect, no dollar needed.

Aren't kids grand?  So giving, generous and full of love.
My oldest went with this...
And my Gymnast, she went this route...
And Moopa?  She just kept telling me, "Mom!  It's your birthday!"

I've always loved my birthday, because my parents always (and still always) make me feel special.  Now, I have my munchkins to make me feel special, and it's the best feeling in the world. 

Thanks to everyone who made me feel extra special yesterday.  Love to you all.  

And now, I'm signing off to digest all this leftover cake.


  1. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Aren't kids sweet? And I eat leftover birthday cake for breakfast too (when no one is looking).

  2. Mmmmmm cake, delicious! I had leftover Halloween party "dirt n' worms" for breakfast yesterday. :) Those are some super sweet cards. What a loved Mama you are. Happy birthday!!


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