Tuesday, December 1, 2015

50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

In case you haven't noticed, I'm big on Christmas.  I grew up one of six kids, and my parents had plenty on their minds every minute of the day.  Christmas was the time for "magic" in our house.  Gifts that we never expected (but wanted!) were under our tree, and our stockings were overflowing with goodies and toys.

I remember running down the stairs Christmas morn with my siblings, youngest to oldest, turning the corner and seeing our family room.  The memories still take my breath away.  The tree was lit, the gifts glistened and our stockings hung by our chimney with care.

My parents believed in big birthdays, and big holidays.  The day to day was chaotic, and days like Christmas were for our family.  There was love, laughs and plenty of "magic."

There still is.

Here, in in particular order, are some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas.  Men, women and children all included.  Many of these originated from my stocking many years ago.

1. Coloring books
2. Markers/crayons
3. Slippers
4. Books
5. Pre-owned video games (oldies but goodies)
6. Candy (from the North Pole Candy Co. of course)
7. Stickers
8. Costume jewelry (girls)
9. Figures (army guys, zombie guys, Trash Packs, Strawberry Shortcake, etc)
10. Chapstick
11. Lipgloss
12. Slinky
13. "Build Your Own" sets from craft stores (airplanes, boats, etc)
14.  PlayDoh
15. Gift Cards
16. Tee shirts, rolled with a bow
17. Snow hats and mittens
18. Scarf
19. Socks
20. Underwear
21. Lottery tickets
22. Soap
23. Lotion
24. Gum
24. Fogless mirror for shaving (men)
25. Yo-yo
26. Flashlight (bedtime for kids, car for adults)
27. Energy drinks (adults, of course)
28. Pajama set
29. Hair clips and bows
30. Hairbrush
31. Small Lego sets
32. Journal
33. Water bottle (for the athletes/exercisers)
34. Tableware for kids (character plastic plates and cups)
35. Calculator
36. Sunglasses
37. Nail polish
38. Nail care/grooming set (men)
39. Coin purse
40. Small stuffed animals
41. Calendar
42. Magnets for fridge
43. Kitchen sponges, towels
44. Kitchen utensils (ice cream scoops, spatulas)
45. Deck of cards/small games
46. Coffee/Tea
47. Beef Jerkey
48. Kids Coupon Book (stay up late, extra dessert, trip to dollar store)
49. Animal Crackers (Barnum's of course)
50. Air freshener's/candles

Any other ideas?  Share them!  Happy shopping!


  1. We always - every year - had an orange in the toe of the stocking. Turns out it's an ethnic tradition (right now, I can't remember if it was Italian or German and I'm too lazy to Google it) and not just my mom being weird. This is the first year we have stockings for our little family (fine, it's not that little) and my husband thinks I'm nuts for wanting to put an orange in them...but I'm going to do it anyway. I mean, what's the benefit of being Santa if you can't be a little weird?

    Thanks for making this list - I was really struggling with what the heck to put in them, especially Mr. MOTH's!

    1. ~I believe it is German, as my family has some German but no Italian and there was always one in our stocking!

  2. Mommy, In our family there was always a orange in the toe! I continued this with my kids and they now do it with their kidlets! We are from Norway and Sweden, so who knows where it started. I always filled the stockings with fruit and a granola bar with the trinkets and toys. This kept the kids busy until a certain hour that they were told to wake us! This only happened once the kids were old enough to tell time! lol

    Thanks for a great list to get inspiration from.

    Merry Christmas from Terase

  3. We had an orange, apple, and walnuts (in the shell) in our stockings. I remember getting a large glass bottle of Coca-Cola from Santa every year. Oh, those were the days! I still stuff stockings for my teens. Girls are easy, but boys are difficult. I could stuff a stocking with video games, but that would be the whole Christmas!

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  4. Oranges in the toes have changed to Chocolate oranges and my kids are in love with pomagrantes too

  5. Oranges (clementines) are the German tradition along with walnuts (in the shell) and chocolate. You are supposed to clean one boot and put it outside your door on the eve of Saint Nickolaus Day (December 6, 2013). If you cleaned your boot well, Saint Nikolaus fills your boot with those traditional goodies. If not, he puts a twig in your boot.

  6. I am putting disposable cameras in their stockings this year. Kids love to feel "big". Even my teen will have an opportunity to catch us off guard on Christmas day or they can use it for their own experimental gift.

  7. My mom always put oranges, apples, mixed whole nuts in shells and chocolate in our stockings!


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