Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday (and me)

A few years ago, I became a fan of Black Friday.  I had a circle of mom friends who swore by the deals and the excitement.  While I wasn't keen on elbows in my ribs and being trampled on by a swarm of shoppers trying to secure a $50 television set, I was curious how great these deals could really be.

And so one early post Thanksgiving morning, around 3am, I awoke with a tummy still full of turkey.  I warmed my car, showered because I just can't leave the house without a shower, and drove off into the darkness to Kohls.

That year, I scored some pretty awesome gifts.  The lines were long, but not unbearable.  I returned home at 8am with a car full of goodies and desperately in need of a nap.

Ever since, I have been a Black Friday shopper.  My routine went from one to two stores, to hard core middle-of-the-night-all night-shopping-extravaganza, to a few stores, to my current laid back shopping schedule.

Here I am, this morning, enjoying my shopping.  I took this photo myself.
The past two years, I shop around 6am.  The stores are the same as if I was shopping on a Monday morning.  I tell you no lies.  The dedicated, doorbuster-deal-finders are already back home or having breakfast by the time I even park my car.  It's glorious.
I am early enough for the "early bird" deals, but late enough to feel relaxed.  I set my car radio to XM Holly, grab a Starbucks, and I enjoy my morning.
I'm not aggressive enough to fight for those five ipod and laptop doorbusters, and I realized if you aren't in the market for those deals, you don't need to be in line waiting for a store to open while your family eats pumpkin pie.

For the record, I'm all for unique, homemade, shop downtown gifts.  There are just a bunch of goodies that must be found in a specific store.  And I thoroughly enjoyed finding some of them today.

Tis' the season ~ enjoy every minute!


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