Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Shopping Anyone?

Last year, I started Christmas shopping in late October.  I had my eyes open every time I went out, and I had a small stash of goodies before November even arrived.  Trouble is, with four kids, and a large extended family, starting in late October wasn't early enough.

I remember thinking, as I wrapped feverishly one evening in December at 11pm, I need to start earlier next year...

There was too much to do in the few days before Santa arrived.  I admit I'm a bit of a perfectionist in regard to my holiday, and every child has the exact same number of gifts under the tree.  The stockings are overflowing with useful, exciting items and gifts for my sisters and brothers and parents are wrapped intricately with ribbons and bells.

I go a bit overboard.  Santa as well.

Just the other day, I realized it's November.  The second week of November.  This realization hit me as I sat in the Starbucks drive-thru, and I saw the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino is back.  The holiday menu was up and running.  After I danced the jig and ordered up my Peppermint delight, I had a mini panic attack.
Not only do I need to prepare the house for rent and pack up any items we don't use on a regular basis, I need to start shopping, pronto.

Actually, I needed to start shopping mid October if I listened to my own pleas from last Christmas.  This makes me several weeks behind schedule.  Par for the course around here.

Time to get my butt in gear and clip some coupons.  I need to read the fliers and make my lists.  I'm determined to be ready, watching Christmas movies and baking all December. 

What's your holiday style?  Are you prepared many weeks in advance, or do you run on adrenaline?


  1. I start the serious shopping on November 1, and am usually finished buying the weekend before Christmas. I always seem to be wrapping on Christmas Eve, no matter how hard I try not to, and the baking doesn't end until Christmas dinner has been served. However, my "official season" is longer than most, because the party starts with my younger daughter's birthday Oct 19 and ends with my older daughter's on Jan 12. :)

    1. Sounds very much like me! Prepping all November, right up until Christmas Eve!!! Happy bday to your kids!


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