Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

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All my munchkins are home from school today, which translates to "This WILL BE short."

We started with five dentist appointments at 9am, cruised into Starbucks for Frappuccinos at noon, drove to my polling site, voted at 1:15pm, went to the post office and just now, at 2pm, arrived back home.

The dentist was a raving success.  No cavities, except of course for me.  We love our dentist dearly, and they all find my kids endearing which makes the 45 minute drive to the office more than worth my while.  Starbucks, however, looked at us with wide "I can't believe this woman brought FOUR kids in here" eyes.  I ignored all the crazy eyeballs, ordered my Frappuccinos and did my best to rush out before my munchkins broke something or tripped over a laptop cord.

For the record, not all Starbucks locations are as fearful of children.  I have had several dozen pleasant experiences in many less snooty areas.


On a high note, my polling place welcomed me and my circus with open arms.  I felt like citizen of the year as I squeezed all my kids into that booth and explained the voting system.  Moopa may or may not have wandered underneath the little table into the adjacent booth.

No one was inside, thank the Lord.

We cast our ballot together, and left proud to be Americans.  At least I did.  I also took many questions about our voting system from my munchkins, such as "Can you vote more than once?" "Will we know who wins today?" "Why can't I tell everyone who you voted for?" "Are we going home yet?"....

I hope everyone finds the time to get out there and vote today.  I took my entourage and survived just fine.  As I said to my munchkins, everyone only gets ONE vote...use it!

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