Friday, November 2, 2012

Holiday Cards: Do's and Don'ts

I have something important to share.  

It's November.

While most of us are still recovering from Halloween Candy overload, and the very thought of the holidays makes us hyperventilate, they are right around the corner.  In an effort to avoid the last minute rush to pump out a holiday card before Christmas Eve, I enlisted the help of a very trusted, talented blogger friend to provide us with some holiday portrait insight.  She very graciously agreed to guest post on my blog, and I urge everyone to visit hers because she's awesome. 

Hey there, Sam here, from over at Goodnyou?. I couldn’t be more excited to be guest blogging over here in the hood of Mommy. I think we can all agree she’s pretty great, right?

When Jodie asked me to guest write I was pretty pumped, three short breaths later, the anxiety set in… My blog’s about the every days of my family… I’m a shoot from the hip writer, who has a hard time focusing on a collected focused post.  But, with the festive season fast approaching, what better time to prepare your mindset for the yearly dreaded task of Holiday card pictures…. so here is where I’ll settle…

According to the experiences I have had in this arena, allow me to pass long, my top 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas portraits.  

DON’T Holiday theme.

I know a lot of people do and I’m not saying I never have, but always AFTER I’ve already gotten one I feel could easily be used to be sent to the masses… then anything else, is just bonus. I’m a big believer in killing as many birds in a folk, with a single stone shot…

Holiday themed pictures have a short shelf life… Especially when you have little ones. If you’re putting the efforts into getting the shot, make it one that can be hung on the wall year round, be given as a gift for Meme’s mantle, handed out in wallet sizes for Uncle Bub to show off, while bragging about your angles, to his bowling team.

If you’re putting in the effort of getting a good picture, milk it for all it’s worth. Photobucket  
DO use bribes Bribes get results. Results are what we’re looking for. M&M’s work nicely.


DON'T say ‘Cheese’

Saying ‘cheese’ pulls the corners of your mouth back, creating what I call a ‘gritting your teeth’ look…. If you happen to fancy the look of someone gritting his or her teeth, then by all means ignore this tip…

However, if you want a more ‘natural’ looking smile, suggest a word like “Bunny”… the natural way to enunciate the “y” sound draws your mouth upward, not back. If you want an actual natural smile… throw in a foolish word like pollywog, scallywag, or rumbleduflingplatapus… kids love silly… silly creates smiles… smiles are good… especially the real ones.  

DON’T have any expectations.

You know that image you have in your head about all the children, blissfully displaying a genuine smile that radiated their reflection of all that is glorious as a child this time of year?  Well rip that little idea from its cloud, aggressively crumble it up, dramatically throw it in the trashcan, and set fire to it.  If you go into it with the purpose of ideal you’ll come out with the ladder. Set your sights on getting everyone looking at the camera at once and no fingers up noses. This leaves plenty of room to be pleasantly surprised. And if all else fails, take a picture of your kids while sleeping, play up the whole Silent Night theme, they’ll love it!

Happy Snapping!

Visit Sam over at Goodnyou? and read more about her fabulous family, the ins and outs of mommy-ing in Maine, and don't miss her etsy shop


  1. Ahhh yes, it's that time of year again! I was just thinking about this last week. Better get on it! Thanks for the tips!!

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  3. Ah, yes, the holiday photo. My tip for genuine smiles - this is what potty words are reserved for. Nothing can elicite a fit of giggles like the word "poop". Or, better, yet, if you could ACTUALLY manage to pass gas...;)


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