Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Inside the Mommy-Van

My early "catch the middle school bus" mornings are fabulous for checking email, cruising Pinterest and blogging.  This early morn, I had an epiphany for a fabulous blog about great ideas Christmas with kids.  I started to think about what to write, and I decided to save this blog for another day.

Blogger's block and all.

Instead, I'll just share what was occuring in my mommy-van at approximately 5:52 last night.
These are my son's football game pants.  They are on my dashboard.

Last night was equipment return, and everything is to be returned just as it was when you picked it up in July.  I remembered equipment return at 3:50, and found these game pants muddy as all *bleep* in LLG's game bag minutes later.  Unfortunately I had to bring my daughter to gymnastics at 4:30, which left just enough time to run these bad boys in a very quick wash.

I grabbed them fresh from the spin cycle and brought them in the car with us as we left for gymnastics. I dried them, with the heat full blast, on my dashboard as I drove to gymnastics and then the grocery store.  By 6pm they were 80% dry and just about ready for equipment return.

I folded them, dry side out, and handed them in along with a helmet and shoulder pads.

Mission accomplished, Mommyhood style.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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