Monday, November 26, 2012


Today, I'm recovering from turkey, no-show-house-showings, football banquets, Twilight movies and shopping.  It's been a long weekend.

Thanksgiving, as always, was pleasant.  Fire in the fireplace, football on the teevee, family all around and the food was plentiful.  Very, very plentiful.

Shopping on Friday was just as pleasant.

Breaking Dawn Part Two, and my panini beforehand, were more than pleasant.  I left the theater feeling compelled to read all the Twilight books over again, start to finish. 

We did have a family interested in our home that was supposedly sending their realtor to take pictures Saturday.  They live far, need to move quick, and were seriously considering renting with only seeing pictures.

Naturally, Hubby and I went on a cleaning frenzy Friday.  Floors, counters, laundry and everything else we could find.  We fell into bed exhausted and stinking of Clorox.  Saturday morning, we forbid our munchkins to touch anything and shuffled them out of the clean house as soon as possible to visit their cousins.

All day Saturday I waited for news.  I checked my phone at lunch.  I checked again at the movies.  I wondered what time this realtor was showing up.

She never did.

Anyone who has ever sold or rented out their home knows how nails-on-the-blackboard annoying it is when you clean and clean and no one shows up.  This is even more annoying when you have four kids.  The second we arrive back home after a "no show-ing" mess starts to reappear.  And if anyone wants to see the house I have to clean it all over again.

The upside of the whole situation is that my floors are clean.  For the next five minutes anyway.

On Sunday, we left the house clean again in case the realtor decided to show (she didn't) and we went to football banquets.  The kids spent time with good friends, and because we are moving, these banquets were extra special.

My oldest is retiring his jersey, complete with signatures of his teammates.
Moving is already quite an emotional adventure.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! We are currently looking to move as well. We had a few of those cleaning frenzy's. I can only imagine how much it must stink when they don't show. We have been looking at real estate in Isle of Palms. We are planning on buying based on the pictures though. I can only imagine what the sellers are going through. Thanks for sharing. Just breathe, moving and all the stress will be over soon enough.


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