Monday, November 5, 2012

Slice of Life Tees (and why I love them)

A few years ago, at my brother's engagement barbeque, my uncle candidly told me about an idea he had for a new company.  His partner is a chef.  They make the most fabulous cookies for us on Christmas, cookies such as homemade Mallomars.

Yes.  Homemade Mallomars.  Be still my coronary artery.

It's very safe to say they are both passionate about food.  They are also passionate about Disney World, which makes them even more awesome.

As I steer myself back on track, and away from cookies and Disney World, I'll return to the engagement party barbeque.  Which was a blast by the way.

My uncle described tee shirts for "foodies," people also passionate about food.  The shirts would say things like "Make Food Not War," "Bad Ass Baker," and "Silence of the Lambchops."  The company name they dreamed up was "Slice of Life Tees." 

My uncle, an artist, and his partner, a chef, spent many hours making this dream a reality.  Many.  Like so many other small business owners, this company was a 3rd and 4th job.  But they did it, and they are currently selling some very cool "Slice of Life Tees" online and at Farmer's Markets.

A few weeks ago, my uncle sent me one of his tees.  It's very, very appropriate for a mama like me.
In case you can't read it, it says "Chocolate has been the greatest love of my life."

Ah, chocolate never disappoints.

This tee is super soft, not rigid and scratchy like some tee shirts.  It has that "worn in" feel.  Truthfully, it is my most favorite bedtime attire.  The colors have not faded even after several washes.  And it's just the coolest thing ever, because:

1.  It's from my uncle
2.  It's about chocolate
3.  The tee is unique, which is not easy to find this day in age

This holiday season, I urge everyone to support small businesses like my uncle's.  This is the heart of America.  Small business owners are hard working people, passionate about their product and not the bottom line.  These companies are run by men and women who are up early in the morning dedicated to their small business, and sometimes work an entirely different job to support themselves.

Think about shopping on etsy (check out my blog buddy's store, Goodnyou?) and companies like Slice of Life Tees.

Go to Farmer's Markets and shop downtown.  You'll nab unique gifts friends and family will love, and you'll be putting food on someone's table.  Paying an electric bill.  You'll be supporting your neighbors and town.  Disasters such as Hurricane Sandy are exactly why we need to put our energies into supporting each other, not giant corporations.

Shop local.  Shop different.  Shop Indie.

(While I'm on the subject, don't forget to read my blog.  Or "pin" one of my posts, any and all support helps!)


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  1. Ooooooh I do love me some small business shopping! Thanks for passing the word… checking them out…….. now!


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